France launches export loans

French government announces programme to boost exports from French SMEs in the health and cosmetics sector

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LVMH and eBay settle dispute

French cosmetics giant and online retailer end long-running dispute over fragrance counterfeiting

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Pola Orbis seeks foreign brand

Pola Orbis Holdings looking to acquire a foreign cosmetics brand, with specific requirements

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The Carlyle Group sells ADA Cosmetics to Ardian

Global asset manager announces sale of ADA Cosmetics to independent private investment company

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Syria: the impact of conflict

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CNW explores how the conflict in Syria is affecting the cosmetic industries in the region

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Inter Parfums rating boosted

Fragrance brand distributor boosted by a Zacks Neutral rating, upgrading stock from Underperform

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Hermes sales come under pressure

Second quarter sales fell overall, despite strong growth in China, as Adrian Holloway reports

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Givaudan half-year sales rise 4.5%

Fragrance revenues were driven by strong growth in Latin America

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Spotlight - Italy: the resilience of beauty

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The focus is on Cosmetica Italia’s latest Beauty Report as it seems Italian cosmetics is taking a turn for the better

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Beauty’s resilience in uncertain economies

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Kathleen Armstrong explores the resilience of the beauty sector during hard economic times

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Namnews: Optimising the shift in the balance of power

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A change in the balance of power between C&T suppliers and retailers has resulted in unique opportunities for both, says Brian Moore

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Venezuela seeks quality

Venezuela’s economic chaos is failing to dampen local appetite for higher end cosmetics, says Andrew Rosati

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