Amaranth seed oil set to soar

Alleged to cut cholesterol, tastes pleasant, and is commonly used as a red pigment in beauty products, Amaranth seed oil is also an increasingly valued commodity

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Japanese firms eye opportunities following natural skin care boom

Now that consumers are looking for natural ingredients, Japanese makers are building brands with natural credentials

Ingredients | Asia | Manufacturing | Cosmetic News Weekly

Kao to manufacture oils on a large scale with algae

Japanese chemicals producer KAO says it has discovered a species of algae that could significantly accelerate the development of algae culture

Ingredients | Asia | Cosmetic News Weekly

Natural alternatives to harmful microplastics

With microplastics, in the form of plastic exfoliant microbeads, being so harmful for the environment and our whole ecosystem, the availability of natural alternatives is a welcome advancement

Ingredients | Body Care | Skin Care | SPC

Rising to the challenge

Ready-to-use strains make complex and time-consuming challenge tests easy, avoiding retests and extra costs

Ingredients | Regulatory | R and D | SPC

First settlements reached in CA lawsuit

Health concerns about titanium dioxide, or TiO2, have driven new settlements in the California Superior Court between several personal care players

Ingredients | North America | Sun Care | Cosmetics International

A natural choice for sun sprays

Mantrose-Haeuser, a Connecticut based speciality film coatings company, has launched a new natural biopolymer for spray sunscreen applications

Ingredients | North America | Sun Care | Cosmetics International

Colgate hit by triclosan cancer scare

Toothpaste giant Colgate is attracting increasing negative attention for its use of the active man-made ingredient triclosan

Ingredients | Cosmetics International

Necessary new measures for Indian alcohols?

India's fatty alcohol duty plans are sparking arguments between suppliers and users, says Raghavendra Verma

Ingredients | Regulatory | Asia | SPC

The price of risk-free C&T

ECHA is launching an investigation into cosmetics additives.

Ingredients | Europe | Regulatory | SPC

Clariant to debut green co-surfactants

Clariant is addressing the increasing consumer demand for milder, skin-friendly personal care products.

Ingredients | Europe | Cosmetics International

EU scientists voice concerns about hydrolysed wheat proteins

The use of hydrolysed wheat proteins in soap could be unsafe for consumers, causing sensitisation, but has been deemed safe for use in other personal care products, reports Keith Nuthall

Ingredients | Europe | Regulatory

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