Geneu produces DNA-specific skin care solutions

A DNA-specific skin care brand created by a professor of engineering at Imperial College has just opened premises in New Bond Street, London

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AAK finalises ABA Mexico deal

The cosmetics firm has expanded its global distributor network with ABA Mexico, which will act as the sole distributor of its bioactives components and functional ingredients

Ingredients | Latin America | Cosmetic News Weekly

Beiersdorf selects SymSitive for new Eucerin ranges

German cosmetics giant Beiersdorf has chosen SymSitive, an active from German F&F firm Symrise, as the principal active

Ingredients | Skin Care | Cosmetic News Weekly

Sirona Biochem launches anti-ageing preclinical studies with Biogalenys laboratory

Aims to use the data to optimise commercial applications for anti-ageing compounds

Ingredients | Europe | R and D | Skin Care

EU restricts use of three preservatives in cosmetics

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The EU Commission in Brussels adopted two measures restricting the use of three preservatives in cosmetic products

Ingredients | Europe | Regulatory | Cosmetic News Weekly

Origins debuts short film

Beauty brand Origins has debuted a short film chronicling a creative journey across three continents

Ingredients | Skin Care | Cosmetic News Weekly

Japanese firms eye opportunities following natural skin care boom

Now that consumers are looking for natural ingredients, Japanese makers are building brands with natural credentials

Ingredients | Asia | Manufacturing | Cosmetic News Weekly

Natural alternatives to harmful microplastics

With microplastics, in the form of plastic exfoliant microbeads, being so harmful for the environment and our whole ecosystem, the availability of natural alternatives is a welcome advancement

Ingredients | Body Care | Skin Care | SPC

Using honey to create a buzz

Miri Scott looks at the use of honey as a fragrance ingredient, its diverse appeal and how it has inspired some distinctive concepts

Ingredients | Fragrance | SPC

P&G to study sustainable palm oil production

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US cosmetics giant Proctor & Gamble is partnering with the Malaysia Institute for Supply Chain Innovation (MISI) to conduct a field study into end-to-end sustainable palm oil production

Ingredients | Sustainability | Asia | Cosmetic News Weekly

Amaranth seed oil set to soar

Alleged to cut cholesterol, tastes pleasant, and is commonly used as a red pigment in beauty products, Amaranth seed oil is also an increasingly valued commodity

Ingredients | Cosmetics International

First settlements reached in CA lawsuit

Health concerns about titanium dioxide, or TiO2, have driven new settlements in the California Superior Court between several personal care players

Ingredients | North America | Sun Care | Cosmetics International

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