Vegetables named next big C&T fragrance trend

Seven Scent's Miri Scott reveals which scents will be 'top of the crops'

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Kemin ingredient shields skin from 'blue' light

FloraGLO Lutein Topical protects against high energy visible light

Ingredients | Sun Care | SPC

Campaign for Clarity calls for honest organic claims

Soil Association to launch campaign during Organic Beauty Week

Ingredients | Europe | Cosmetics Business News

Cosmetics ingredients to be screened for endocrine disruption

An extended report from the recent European Commission conference in Brussels

Ingredients | Regulatory | SPC

Food-inspired formulations

Beauty treats that are good enough to eat

Ingredients | Body Care | Hair Care | SPC

Safety of ethanol in cosmetics questioned

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The Féderation des Entreprises de la Beauté is holding a meeting on 29 June to discuss its inclusion

Ingredients | Europe | Cosmetics Business News

How ingredients suppliers are using green chemistry

Which technologies are sustainable, and non-toxic to living things and the environment?

Ingredients | Sustainability | SPC

How beauty brands can tap into the trend for healthy living

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'Nutritional skin care' brand OSKIA is benefiting from health conscious consumers

Ingredients | Europe | Skin Care | Cosmetics Business News

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