The 'free from' conundrum

Carmen Paun and Méabh McMahon report from 2014’s Cosmetics Europe conference, which stressed that the beauty industry needs to beware of claims which could give consumers the wrong impression

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Sustainability and fairtrade provide the green light

Part one, ‘Easy being green’, covered improved methods of extracting actives from plants, biotechnology and green process engineering; part two focuses on sustainability and fairtrade

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Novel active ingredients shape the future

Finding the right company to work with in the NPD chain to have a long lasting and profitable business relationship can be difficult to find in a competitor list dotted with pretenders

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Namnews: Optimising the shift in the balance of power

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A change in the balance of power between C&T suppliers and retailers has resulted in unique opportunities for both, says Brian Moore

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Necessary new measures for Indian alcohols?

India's fatty alcohol duty plans are sparking arguments between suppliers and users, says Raghavendra Verma

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BASF micronised UV filter approved under new EU Cosmetics Regulation

Tinosorb A2B is the first UV filter to be included in the positive list of the new EU Cosmetics Regulation

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The myths and mischief undermining the cosmetics industry

The perpetuation of myths about cosmetics and commonly used ingredients risks undermining the credibility of the industry as a whole, says Chris Flower, Director General of the CTPA

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Food for skin

Liki von Oppen-Bezalel, Olga Ben-Chitrit, Fabien Havas and Eyal Kalo introduce a phytoene and phytofluene-rich tomato-derived nutricosmetic ingredient, to protect, lighten and even skin tone

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The price of risk-free C&T

ECHA is launching an investigation into cosmetics additives.

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Prevention and solution

A presentation of the novel and acclaimed cosmetic ingredients for 2014, as John Woodruff reports

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Shea bliss

Functional, stable and safe, and from renewable, natural sources, shea emollients are enormously valuable in cosmetics formulation, says Mette Skovgaard

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Ingredients: It's easy being green

In the first part of his article on green chemistry, John Woodruff looks into products and processes that reduce the use and generation of hazardous substances

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