Naturex discusses new generation fluid extractants

Natural deep eutectic solvents (NaDES) can be used to obtain botanical ingredients

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Why are specialty chemicals suppliers flocking to ASEAN?

Jens Kastner investigates how suppliers are responding to the boom in local BPC manufacture

Ingredients | Asia | SPC

The end is nigh for microbeads

How are governments worldwide moving to ban microbeads in toiletries?

Ingredients | Sustainability | Regulatory | SPC

Is birch water the next big trend in beauty?

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Taken orally or applied topically, the sap of birch trees is said to have skin benefits

Ingredients | Europe | Skin Care | Cosmetics Business News

Next-generation emulsifiers for naturals

John Woodruff looks at emulsifiers approved for use in natural cosmetics

Ingredients | SPC

Getting to grips with new nail technology

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Orly's Founder Jeff Pink discusses what's new in nail tech

Ingredients | Packaging | North America | Colour Cosmetics | Cosmetics Business News

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