Preserving the faith

John Woodruff addresses the problem of providing cosmetic products with adequate preservation while conforming to current marketing trends

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Givaudan half-year sales rise 4.5%

Fragrance revenues were driven by strong growth in Latin America

Ingredients | Europe | Finance | Cosmetic News Weekly

Namnews: Optimising the shift in the balance of power

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A change in the balance of power between C&T suppliers and retailers has resulted in unique opportunities for both, says Brian Moore

Ingredients | Packaging | Finance | Retail | Manufacturing | ECM

Japan’s olive growers see potential for cosmetics

Kyushu, Japan’s third largest island, is becoming a centre for the production of olives for cosmetics

Ingredients | Asia | Cosmetic News Weekly

A clear solution

Mild, naturally-derived solubilisers for clear formulations presented by Alexander Thiemann, Jessica Scholze, Nadja Grandke and Manuela Salmina-Petersen

Ingredients | SPC

Inolex wins Frost & Sullivan award for hair care ingredient

Emulsense is said to improve the conditioning features in consumer hair and skin products and has non-GMO, palm-free and biodegradable properties

Ingredients | North America | Hair Care | Cosmetic News Weekly

Cellulose filaments joint venture

Mercer International and Resolute Forest Products have teamed up to commercialise a biomaterial derived from wood fibre

Ingredients | Europe | North America | Asia | Cosmetic News Weekly

Oat COM passes in vivo trial

The trial confirmed Oat Cosmetics' extruded colloidal oatmeal ingredient's anti-irritant capability

Ingredients | Europe | Cosmetic News Weekly

Spotlight: Sparks fly over fatty alcohols

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New Indian government may impose a 20% anti-dumping duty on saturated fatty alcohols from other parts of Asia

Ingredients | Regulatory | Asia | Cosmetic News Weekly

Spotlight: The conundrum of free-from

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The European cosmetics industry should steer away from claiming its products are ‘free from’ preservatives and other similar ingredients, according to speakers at last month's Cosmetics Europe

Ingredients | Europe | Regulatory | Cosmetic News Weekly

Lactic acid market rocketing

The market is growing at a rate of around 18% annually

Ingredients | Cosmetic News Weekly

Lipotec introduces ACTIGYM – a secret personal trainer

The marine active ingredient mimics the effects of endurance training and looks to improve body definition by redefining areas sensitive to sagging, ageing or insufficient physical activity

Ingredients | R and D | Body Care

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