Global Regulatory Summit 2015 official announcement

The annual Cosmetics Business Regulatory Summit has announced the date, location and theme for the 2015 edition – SAVE THE DATE

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Symrise launches subsidiary in Nigeria

Fragrances and flavours supplier launches subsidiary in Lagos, Nigeria

Ingredients | Fragrance | Africa ME | Cosmetic News Weekly

Evonik opens doors on Brazilian production facility

Evonik Industries will start operations in Americana (São Paulo state, Brazil)

Ingredients | Latin America | Cosmetic News Weekly

Rubber latex enters beauty market

Thailand Center of Excellence for Life Sciences develops cosmetics products using rubber latex extract

Ingredients | Asia | Cosmetics International

Do we smell sexy?

An exploration into a wide range of views and scientific findings surrounding the interaction of scent and humans both in the consumer environment and primitively

Ingredients | Fragrance | Retail

Plastic microbeads polluting Quebec waterways

The government of Quebec has reported finding high levels of pollution from plastic microbeads in its waterways

Ingredients | North America | Cosmetic News Weekly

Givaudan reports 2014 nine month sales results

Givaudan recorded sales of CHF3.31bn, an increase of 4.5% on a like-for-like basis compared to the previous year period

Ingredients | Europe | Fragrance | Finance | Cosmetic News Weekly

ChromaDex completes pterostilbene UV trial

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US naturals firm ChromaDex has announced the completion of an animal skincare study of pterostilbene, which the firm says shows that the substance prevents skin damage from UV exposure

Ingredients | North America | Sun Care

Smell and emotion – Do you smell what I smell?

Emotion is key to the marketing of so many fragrances and no-one else knows what your nose knows

Ingredients | Fragrance

Olfactory evolution

The fragrance market continues to make olfactive gains thanks to innovation across the sector. But how will the market respond to a change in demographic?

Ingredients | Packaging | Fragrance | SPC

Cosmeeting & Creative Beauty 2014 – New horizons

Cosmeeting and Creative Beauty Paris 2014 was smaller than 2013’s edition, but it offered a reinforced international dimension, as Erika Hatva and Jo Allen report

Ingredients | Europe | Manufacturing | SPC | ECM

Fragrance, forensics and pheromones

Do we smell sexy? Popular ‘science' suggests yes; plus, in future when police forensics experts smell that something is wrong, this could be more than just a turn of phrase

Ingredients | Europe | Fragrance

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