Scientists set out to find secret behind skin firmness

Researchers from BASF and CYTOO have partnered to test ingredients that help improve fibroblast function

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Guess introduces new moisturising denim range

Clothing range is said to soften, smooth and firm the skin

Ingredients | Body Care | Skin Care | Cosmetics Business News

Hair dyes removed from shelves after fertility concerns

Three products recalled in Europe after banned substances found

Ingredients | Europe | Regulatory | Hair Care | Cosmetics Business News

Combating the ageing effects of oxidative stress

A novel ingredient from Sinerga boosts skin firmness and smoothness

Ingredients | Skin Care | SPC

Sollice Biotech creates 50 new jobs at manufacturing plant

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Sollice Biotech secures €750,000 investment

Ingredients | Europe | Production | Cosmetics Business News

Surfactants for trending bathroom products

Modern cleansing products and the surfactants used in them

Ingredients | SPC

Lipotec fights the effects of pollution with new ingredient

Pollushield protects the skin from the effects of urban pollution

Ingredients | Europe | Skin Care | Asia | Cosmetics Business News

Male grooming materials for 2016

John Woodruff provides his pick of the best ingredients for men's grooming products

Ingredients | Male Grooming | SPC

Online experts influence on-trend ingredients

Ingredients, concepts and solutions from DSM’s Beauty Connection

Ingredients | SPC

Is microalgae the next big thing in cosmetics?

New ingredient derived from microalgae headed for sun care and moisturiser

Ingredients | Europe | Body Care | Cosmetics Business News

Symrise creates fragrance directory smartphone app

Symrise allows customers to browse its genealogy of fine fragrances for easy selection

Ingredients | Europe | Fragrance | Cosmetics Business News

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