3D prints are the shape of things to come

As 3D printers become more advanced and more accessible, Cosmetics Business discovers how industry as we know it could change, and change fast

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Asian shoppers buy into ‘active ageing’ trend

Asia continues to present new opportunities for manufacturers in the anti-ageing sector, according to Euromonitor

Ingredients | Asia | Manufacturing | Cosmetic News Weekly

Saha to enter Philippines

Saha Pathana Inter-Holding has announced plans to set up manufacturing facilities in the Philippines

Colour Cosmetics | Asia | Manufacturing | Cosmetic News Weekly

Unilever Belgian roll-on recall

Anglo-Dutch chemicals giant Unilever has been forced to recall around 1,000 50ml bottles of its Neutral Roll-on deodorant

Packaging | Europe | Manufacturing | Cosmetic News Weekly

What is luxury and what is not?

The look, feel and even the sound of a pack all contribute to our perception of what is luxurious or not. Julia Wray looks at cues that imply ‘luxury’ and trends that have dominated recent months

Packaging | Manufacturing | SPC

Cosmeeting & Creative Beauty 2014 – New horizons

Cosmeeting and Creative Beauty Paris 2014 was smaller than 2013’s edition, but it offered a reinforced international dimension, as Erika Hatva and Jo Allen report

Ingredients | Europe | Manufacturing | SPC | ECM

French companies seek alternative to preservatives

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Cosmetics manufacturers working with the French district of Evreux and the ‘pЩle d’excellence’ Cosmetic Valley,

Europe | Manufacturing | Cosmetic News Weekly

Quadro Engineering introduces next-generation conical milling machine

H20 High Energy Comil provides a wide RPM milling range

Europe | Manufacturing | SPC

Scent-Signatures and how to measure their performance

The monitoring of the scent-signature released from cosmetic products is a complex task. Dr. Hansruedi Gygax gives an overview of state of the art sensory and analytical approaches

Regulatory | Fragrance | Manufacturing | SPC

Regulatory developments are relentless

The incredibly fast technological progress imposed to the society over the last few years has caused many changes in cosmetic manufacturers’ lives

Regulatory | Manufacturing | SPC

Latin Americans turn to local brands

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Due to the growth spurt, local companies have had fertile ground to develop and in some cases become world class competitors in their own right.

Finance | Latin America | Manufacturing | Cosmetic News Weekly

DuPont to increase packaging & industrial polymer production

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DuPont, a leading materials supplier to the packaging and consumer industries, will be expanding its production capacity of ethylene copolymers to meet growing market demand

Packaging | Manufacturing | Cosmetic News Weekly