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The myths and mischief undermining the cosmetics industry

The perpetuation of myths about cosmetics and commonly used ingredients risks undermining the credibility of the industry as a whole, says Chris Flower, Director General of the CTPA

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Combating global counterfeit products

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Manufacturers are facing a growing multi-platform global counterfeit trade which irrevocably devalues brands by consumers associating the real deal with cheap knockoffs

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Novel active ingredients shape the future

Finding the right company to work with in the NPD chain to have a long lasting and profitable business relationship can be difficult to find in a competitor list dotted with pretenders

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Namnews: Optimising the shift in the balance of power

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A change in the balance of power between C&T suppliers and retailers has resulted in unique opportunities for both, says Brian Moore

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Innovative sprays that stay

Bernice Ridley and Katie Landon introduce an innovative ‘fly-stay’ polymer that stabilises emulsion systems to provide fine sprays from even viscous creams

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Vitro to open Brazilian manufacturing plant

Mexican glass manufacturer to open plant in Brazil, with operations expected to commence in 2016

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India moves to Bangladesh

Indian beauty groups are widening their production base in Bangladesh to meet surging demand in this key emerging market of 154 million people

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Intrexon makes farnesene from bioconverted methane

American synthetic biology specialist announces success in bioconverting methane to farnesene

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Cosmetics marketing now targets the senses over benefits

As we run out of new ways to talk about the benefits of skin care, the personal care industry is messaging on products’ sensory aspects

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More than one way to co-create

Co-creation helps generate a hothouse environment for fast innovation. But, as Steve Gibbons notes, it is not the only technique

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Market growth opportunities for retailers and manufacturers

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IRI report the western Europe and US personal care market highlights for potential growth for retailers and manufacturers

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China aiming for cruelty-free

China has implemented legislation banning animal testing for ordinary cosmetics produced and sold inside the country

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