Les Verreries de Masničres goes into receivership

The French glass manufacturer has been placed in ‘redressement judiciaire’, which could result in 500 job losses

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Wearable tech filters into cosmetics sector

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Bracelets that alert wearers of UV and pollution levels and 'smart compacts' could influence cosmetic innovations

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Unilever Belgian roll-on recall

Anglo-Dutch chemicals giant Unilever has been forced to recall around 1,000 50ml bottles of its Neutral Roll-on deodorant

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3D prints are the shape of things to come

As 3D printers become more advanced and more accessible, Cosmetics Business discovers how industry as we know it could change, and change fast

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On-pack security gets smart

Packaging security is more intelligent and multifunctional than ever. Kitty So reports from the front line in the war against the counterfeiters

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Monte Carlo or bust

From 27-29 October prestige packaging event Luxe Pack Monaco returns to the Grimaldi Forum. This year's focus is on formulation

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Important UK design law changes

New provisions for registered UK designs are now in force. Whether you design things yourself, commission or employ designers, or simply make or sell products, these changes will affect you.

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Eckart to reveal new pigments

Effect pigment specialist Eckhart has created a number of innovative new pigments that it claims will open new markets for masterbatchers and compounders in the packaging industry

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What is luxury and what is not?

The look, feel and even the sound of a pack all contribute to our perception of what is luxurious or not. Julia Wray looks at cues that imply ‘luxury’ and trends that have dominated recent months

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Olfactory evolution

The fragrance market continues to make olfactive gains thanks to innovation across the sector. But how will the market respond to a change in demographic?

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Smaller packs for developing nations

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Smaller packaging could lead to stronger sales of cosmetics products in developing nations, where consumers cannot afford larger sizes,

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Fusion Packaging steps in the Shade with tube-based applicators

US firm Fusion Packaging, which designs, manufactures, and distributes luxury packaging for the beauty industry, is producing a Direct Effect collection of customizable tube-based direct applicators

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