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Global Regulatory Summit 2015 official announcement

The annual Cosmetics Business Regulatory Summit has announced the date, location and theme for the 2015 edition – SAVE THE DATE

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AMA Laboratories snaps up gold sponsorship for global Regulatory Summit

One day after the official launch of the 2015 global Regulatory Summit, product testing company AMA Laboratories has confirmed its sponsorship for a second year in a row

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European Commission settles confusion over animal testing under REACH and (EC) No 1223/2009

Testing and marketing bans in the Cosmetics Regulation do not apply to testing required for environmental endpoints, exposure of workers and non-cosmetic uses of substances under REACH

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Rising to the challenge

Ready-to-use strains make complex and time-consuming challenge tests easy, avoiding retests and extra costs

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Expertise in claim substantiation

Since 1998, BIO-EC Laboratory is specialized in efficacy testing of cosmetic and dermatological products (finished products and ingredients)

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Tests on cosmetics – update 2014

The latest alterations in European legislation emphasise the fact that dermatological reports in accordance with scientific criteria are of decisive value for the safety and efficacy of cosmetics

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The myths and mischief undermining the cosmetics industry

The perpetuation of myths about cosmetics and commonly used ingredients risks undermining the credibility of the industry as a whole, says Chris Flower, Director General of the CTPA

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The price of risk-free C&T

ECHA is launching an investigation into cosmetics additives.

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Global supply: the notable areas in regulatory compliance

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Highlighting regulatory differences around the world for cosmetics manufacturing and marketing – examples from the US, Canada, Australia, China, Japan and South Korea

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"Global regulatory harmonisation is a utopia," says Cosmetics Europe officer

17 June sees day one of the Cosmetics Business Regulatory Summit held in Brussels, Belgium – LIVE UPDATES

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AMA Laboratories to sponsor global Regulatory Summit

The product testing company is providing sponsorship for the Cosmetics Business Regulatory Summit in Brussels on 17-18 June 2014

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