Regulatory compliance from SME to multinational

The CBRS analyses key challenges for cosmetics companies of all sizes

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Technic France facility in breach of regulations

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French watchdog ANSM has called the facility out on a number of points

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Cosmetics ingredients to be screened for endocrine disruption

An extended report from the recent European Commission conference in Brussels

Ingredients | Regulatory | SPC

SPF testing: Advances in accuracy and reproducibility of in vitro and in silico methods

Day 2 of the 13th International Sun Protection Conference, Royal College of Surgeons, June 2015

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UK watchdog launches probe into misleading beauty reviews

The CMA is investigating the non-disclosure of paid online endorsements

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Bill proposed in US to ban animal testing

The Humane Cosmetics Act would ban animal testing for cosmetics

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Is cosmetic surgery getting safer?

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MATA looks at progress since Keogh report

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Biocides roundup

Updates on biocides regulations in China, the US, Japan, Australia, India and the EU

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Lush Cosmetics in YouTube URL dispute with vlogger

Vlogger Matthew Lush lost control of his YouTube address without his consent

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