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BASF micronised UV filter approved under new EU Cosmetics Regulation

Tinosorb A2B is the first UV filter to be included in the positive list of the new EU Cosmetics Regulation

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New European commissioners announced

New EU health and environment commissioners will influence the cosmetics sector, says Keith Nuthall

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EU scientists voice concerns about hydrolysed wheat proteins

The use of hydrolysed wheat proteins in soap could be unsafe for consumers, causing sensitisation, but has been deemed safe for use in other personal care products, reports Keith Nuthall

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Brussels relaxes duty free rules

Liquid restrictions liberalisation in airports is welcomed by European retailers, reports Méabh McMahon

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Necessary new measures for Indian alcohols?

India's fatty alcohol duty plans are sparking arguments between suppliers and users, says Raghavendra Verma

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The myths and mischief undermining the cosmetics industry

The perpetuation of myths about cosmetics and commonly used ingredients risks undermining the credibility of the industry as a whole, says Chris Flower, Director General of the CTPA

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Canada sets sights on Europe

The Canadian personal care product sector is optimistic over an EU trade deal which will see the removal of tariffs

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The 'free from' conundrum

Carmen Paun and Méabh McMahon report from 2014’s Cosmetics Europe conference, which stressed that the beauty industry needs to beware of claims which could give consumers the wrong impression

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The price of risk-free C&T

ECHA is launching an investigation into cosmetics additives.

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Can we harmonise regulation globally?

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Darren Praznik, President and CEO of the Canadian Cosmetic, Toiletry and Fragrance Association, discusses regulatory requirements and standards

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L’Oreal settles FTC charges

The brand has agreed to settle Federal Trade Commission charges regarding advertising for Généfique and Youth Code

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China-South Korea free trade agreement: good for brands

Korean cosmetic makers hopeful that free trade agreement will eliminate duties on products when exported

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