Unravelling the red tape of the cosmetics regulation

The inaugural Cosmetics Business Regulatory Summit addressed the implementation of current cosmetics regulations in the real world.

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European Commission underlines ban on "Not tested on animals" claim

The oft-used claim falls under "compliance with legal requirements" in regards to the European Commission's Common Criteria since the animal testing ban's inception

Europe | Regulatory

L’Oreal settles FTC charges

The brand has agreed to settle Federal Trade Commission charges regarding advertising for Généfique and Youth Code

North America | Regulatory | Cosmetic News Weekly

China-South Korea free trade agreement: good for brands

Korean cosmetic makers hopeful that free trade agreement will eliminate duties on products when exported

Regulatory | Asia | Cosmetic News Weekly

Spotlight: Sparks fly over fatty alcohols

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New Indian government may impose a 20% anti-dumping duty on saturated fatty alcohols from other parts of Asia

Ingredients | Regulatory | Asia | Cosmetic News Weekly

China aiming for cruelty-free

China has implemented legislation banning animal testing for ordinary cosmetics produced and sold inside the country

Regulatory | Manufacturing | Cosmetic News Weekly

India rules on skin lightening

Advertising Standards Council of India sets rules for advertisers of skin lightening creams

Regulatory | Skin Care | Asia | Cosmetics International

Soil Association pushes for legal requirements

COSMOS-standard calls for legally recognised standard for labelling of natural and organic products

Europe | Regulatory | Cosmetic News Weekly

Spotlight: The conundrum of free-from

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The European cosmetics industry should steer away from claiming its products are ‘free from’ preservatives and other similar ingredients, according to speakers at last month's Cosmetics Europe

Ingredients | Europe | Regulatory | Cosmetic News Weekly

Global supply: the notable areas in regulatory compliance

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Highlighting regulatory differences around the world for cosmetics manufacturing and marketing – examples from the US, Canada, Australia, China, Japan and South Korea

North America | Regulatory | Asia

"Global regulatory harmonisation is a utopia," says Cosmetics Europe officer

17 June sees day one of the Cosmetics Business Regulatory Summit held in Brussels, Belgium – LIVE UPDATES

Europe | Regulatory

Brazil welcomes historic Bill to ban cosmetics animal testing

The Bill comes following more than a year of high-profile campaigning and extensive work by animal rights campaigners

Regulatory | Latin America