EU loses €4.7bn from counterfeit cosmetics activity

Counterfeiting also costs the sector 50,000 jobs annually

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Chinese watchdog fines Crest over false advertising

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P&G brand is fined nearly US$963,000

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Brazil speeds up cosmetics approval process

Anvisa now only requires some products to undergo full registration

Regulatory | Latin America | Cosmetics Business News

Global Regulatory Summit 2015 speakers revealed

The star-studded speakers' list for the 2015 Global Regulatory Summit has been released

Ingredients | Regulatory | SPC

2015 Regulatory Summit: Key topics to be discussed

A range of key questions will be addressed at the upcoming Regulatory Summit in Brussels

Europe | Regulatory

European SME organisation teams up with IFRA and Cosmebio to talk allergens

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The three bodies will propose a new method of alerting consumers to allergens in cosmetics

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MIT singled out for causing allergies

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Dr David Orton condemned the rise in skin allergies from some beauty and personal care product ingredients

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Global C&T industry moves away from animal testing

The Humane Society International's Wendy Higgins discusses progress region by region

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Spotlight: Extending China’s amended animal testing requirements

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Move by China to drop requirement for compulsory testing of cosmetics applauded by animal rights activists

Regulatory | Asia | Cosmetics Business News

Secret Surgery ad criticised for trivialising cosmetic ops

The ASA has ruled that the ad should not appear in its current form

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EPAA continues partnership for animal testing alternatives

EPAA aims to promote alternative approaches to animal testing

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