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La Roche-Posay finds links between pollution and ageing

The L'Oréal brand confirmed that pollution can lead to accelerated visible signs of ageing

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Dixie poised to bring 'cannabis beauty' range to Australia

The US brand has teamed up with Cann Group to deliver its range if and when government legislation permits

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Cosmetics producers boost brands with vegan products

Brands tap into growing demand for vegan and non-animal cosmetics

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Cosmetics Europe urges brands to drop microbeads

Non-biodegradable particles should be removed by 2020

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How would the ‘Brexit’ impact personal care?

The potential concerns surrounding a British exit from the EU

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Understanding consumer perceptions of fragrance

Proton transfer reaction mass spectrometry for nose-space analysis of VOCs

Regulatory | Fragrance | SPC

Majority yes vote in Sephora night hours referendum

Referendum for right to work at night was approved by a 96% majority

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Russia bans Western cleaning products: Could beauty be next?

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Certain Western cleaning products and chemicals are the latest products to be banned in Russia

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Spain's Equivalenza says it is "not guilty" of fragrance forgery

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Retailer was accused of trademark infringement in September and could face a steep penalty

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