New 30-day refund law impacts beauty retailers and salons

Consumers in the UK now have the right to a 30-day refund

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Miss Transgender UK pageant criticised for surgery prize

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Action for Trans Health says pageant was "irresponsible" to award a prize of gender affirmation surgery

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Aesthetics: Are non-invasive procedures really safer?

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Cosmetics Business speaks to a panel of aestheticians and surgeons for the inside scoop

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Brazil's new animal testing bill faces reform

Senator Cristovam Buarque has submitted a new proposal to be voted on tomorrow

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Understanding consumer perceptions of fragrance

Proton transfer reaction mass spectrometry for nose-space analysis of VOCs

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Silimed faces investigation into safety of silicone implants

The implants were found to be contaminated with fibres after a plant inspection

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How to validate hair care product claims

Highlights from the proDERM Academy's recent educational course on hair science

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How many fakes can you find online in one hour?

We challenged reporters Aishu Ravishankar and Mandy Kovacs. This is what they found...

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REACH issues verdict on essential oils

The personal care industry advises on registering essential oils under REACH, but discretion still remains, writes Keith Nuthall

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MAC says 'offensive' Miley ad no different to women by a pool

The ASA received three complaints about the Viva Glam ad but no action was taken

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