Boots responds to “sexist pricing” accusations

Own-brand products to be repriced following claims of sexism

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Call for papers | Cosmetics Business Regulatory Summit

The Global Platform for Regulatory Compliance is now looking for papers and potential speakers for this year’s conference.


EOS settles lawsuit

Lip balm brand accused of causing adverse reactions settles with consumers

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Regulators debate controls for 3D printed skin

L’Oréal's new R&D partnership to develop 3D printed skin tissues raises issues

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Two Qu Puteh products withdrawn over mercury fears

Whitening Pro 9 and Whitening UV Block have been withdrawn from Brunei market

Regulatory | Skin Care | Asia | Cosmetics Business News

Sofia Vergara files lawsuit against Venus Concept

Beauty brand allegedly uses actress’ name and image in advertising without permission

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Thousands agree settlements in Kanebo vitiligo scandal

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The company reveals 19,568 people have been adversely affected by the use of its products

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Will China's tough new ad laws impact beauty?

China has updated its law to tackle misleading claims, particularly those online

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Lush Prize aims to replace animal experiments

Craig Redmond of the Lush Prize Team talks about 2015’s winners

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The role of quality in cosmetics

Key takeaway messages from Grace Abamba's SCS January Lecture

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Fragrance industry commits to finding animal-data alternatives

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Renewed aims surrounding animal testing were made public at the third review of the IDEA project

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