Has Revlon underpaid for Elizabeth Arden?

An investigation is underway concerning the sale of Arden for $14 per share to Revlon

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UK votes Leave: The cosmetics industry's Brexit response

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The UK has chosen to leave the EU in a monumental vote that saw 52% vote Leave and 48% Remain

Europe | Regulatory | Finance | Cosmetics Business News

Roja Dove on how Brexit could harm the perfumery industry

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Perfumer and Founder of luxury fragrance brand Roja Parfums discusses the implications of Brexit

Europe | Regulatory | Finance | Cosmetics Business News

L’Oréal signs White House Equal Pay Pledge

L'Oréal commits to annual gender-pay analysis, promotion and hiring reviews

North America | Regulatory | Cosmetics Business News

CPL Aromas' CEO talks Brexit and why he’s voting Remain

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Chris Pickthall speaks about the potential impact of leaving the EU on the fragrance industry

Europe | Regulatory | Fragrance | Cosmetics Business News

UK government backs cosmetics microbead ban

Environment minister says EU-wide ban could be in place as soon as 2017

Ingredients | Europe | Regulatory | Cosmetics Business News

P&G attacks Colgate advert over toothpaste whitening claims

ASA rules ad is in breach of exaggerating toothpaste's whitening effect

Europe | Regulatory | Cosmetics Business News

CBRS gives global regulatory guidance

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Regulatory Summit addresses cosmetics key compliance issues

Europe | North America | Regulatory | Africa ME | Latin America

The best testing methods for make-up

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How brands can ensure that they meet their customers' demands for their colour cosmetics

Regulatory | Colour Cosmetics | SPC

Clarifying cosmetics legislation

The Cosmetics Business Regulatory Summit 2016 addressed a broad range of global regulatory issues for beauty

Regulatory | SPC

UK brands issue open letter calling for microbead ban

NYR, Pai, Green People and Botanical Brands speak out on World Oceans Day

Europe | Regulatory | Cosmetics Business News

Australia plans to ban animal testing for cosmetics

Australia on track to join New Zealand in outlawing testing of ingredients on animals

Regulatory | Cosmetics Business News

GMC urges cosmetic surgery patients to ask more questions

General Medical Council has issued new guidance and says consumers should not be deterred from asking questions

Europe | Regulatory | Body Care | Cosmetics Business News

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