Tanzania's FDA aware of growing counterfeit problem

15-25% of domestic revenue lost to fakes

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Fullips sales suffer as result of 'Kylie Jenner Challenge'

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The lip enhancement tool manufacturer is planning new ways to repromote brand in positive light

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Animal testing: When will more companies go cruelty-free?

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Humane alternatives are becoming increasingly efficient and cost-effective

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Lift on sanctions in Iran opens gateway to overseas traders

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Iran's 80 million population could have access to global cosmetics although progress is likely to be slow

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The hidden reality behind ‘cruelty-free’ cosmetics

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Cruelty-free cosmetics can still result in testing on animals

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SPF testing: Advances in accuracy and reproducibility of in vitro and in silico methods

Day 2 of the 13th International Sun Protection Conference, Royal College of Surgeons, June 2015

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Police make headway against beauty counterfeits

Recent stats indicate that the war is being won against the fakers

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Jeanne M takes legal action over Caudalie snail video

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The French skin care brand feels Caudalie's YouTube series denigrates its products

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