Counterfeit beauty: smoking out the fakes

Fake products are on the rise – but who is responsible? And what is really being done?

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Cosmetic legislation from RP to online – are you covered?

More highlights from the Cosmetics Business Regulatory Summit 2015

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US and EU relations take centre stage at Regulatory Summit

The latest news on TTIP talks and a de-tangling of the US FDA's red tape

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What to expect from CBRS 2015

May's Cosmetics Business Regulatory Summit will address how regulation affects the BPC industry on a global scale


Regulatory Summit initiates global natural standard debate

What should a global standard represent and how should it be managed?


Kering sues Alibaba for second time in 12 months

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Alibaba, China's biggest e-commerce operator, is being accused of profiting from selling fakes

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Cosmetics testing experts address Regulatory Summit

Toxicogenomics for genotoxicity testing and the potential of ex vivo organ culture testing were hot topics


Is Anglo-American harmonisation in C&T legislation possible?

There are similarities and differences between C&T legislation in the US and the UK

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Fake beauty products found to contain arsenic and urine

City of London Police has launched a campaign: "wake up - don't fake up"

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