India bans import of animal tested cosmetics

Humane Society India’s #BeCrueltyFree campaign reports that India has banned the import of newly-animal tested cosmetics

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Matching skin and hair care claims

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Product claims made by haircare brands are increasingly aligning with those made in the skincare sector

Regulatory | Hair Care | Skin Care | Cosmetic News Weekly

Making sense of sensitisation

Andreas Natsch explains the mechanism, validation and implementation of Givaudan’s KeratinoSens assay for testing skin sensitisation

Europe | Regulatory | Skin Care | SPC

ASEAN market prepares for AEC launch

Jack Hewson and Jens Kastner discover how the introduction of the ASEAN Economic Community in 2015 will impact the region’s beauty market

Regulatory | Asia

Spotlight: Extending China’s amended animal testing requirements

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Move by China to drop requirement for compulsory testing of cosmetics applauded by animal rights activists

Regulatory | Asia | Cosmetic News Weekly

EU restricts use of three preservatives in cosmetics

EU Commission in Brussels adopts two measures restricting the use of three preservatives in cosmetic products

Europe | Regulatory | Cosmetic News Weekly

Commissioner calls for EU-US cosmetics regulatory talks

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Negotiators should redouble efforts to find ways of dovetailing EU and American personal care product regulation

Europe | North America | Regulatory | Cosmetic News Weekly

Expertise in claim substantiation

Since 1998, BIO-EC Laboratory is specialized in efficacy testing of cosmetic and dermatological products (finished products and ingredients)

Regulatory | SPC

Fragrance safety: a European perspective

David Andrew and Tracey Finlay provide a comprehensive overview of allergens among fragrance ingredients and assess current European legislation governing this area

Europe | Regulatory | Fragrance | SPC

EU restricts use of three preservatives in cosmetics

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The EU Commission in Brussels adopted two measures restricting the use of three preservatives in cosmetic products

Ingredients | Europe | Regulatory | Cosmetic News Weekly

In vitro sensitization tests: a long and winding road

Skin sensitization tests are one of the current hot topics in the world of cosmetic ingredients evaluation as we are at the crossroad between animal and in vitro methods

Regulatory | SPC

Tests on cosmetics – update 2014

The latest alterations in European legislation emphasise the fact that dermatological reports in accordance with scientific criteria are of decisive value for the safety and efficacy of cosmetics

Regulatory | SPC