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Cosphatec is an international and innovative specialist for cosmetic raw materials which are used mainly in the cosmetic industry. Production, distribution as well as research and development of substances such as antioxidants, active ingredients, self-preserving systems or emulsifiers are our passion. We are dedicated to provide superior innovation which is based on our technical expertise in the area of alternative preservation.


"Knowledge is the first resource that increases with use"

Cosphatec's many years of expertise are based on the continuous expansion in the field of research and development. This way, we ensure that future demands are identified early and creative solutions are found. Cosphatec ensures that companies can address the ever changing market demands and successfully meet the increasing responsibility in the field of environmental sustainability with its innovative research approaches and highest quality standards.
Alternative preservatives for the natural cosmetics sector have been our focus ever since the founding of our company in 2005. In addition, own raw materials and raw material combinations are developed in our company laboratory in Hamburg.


Cosphatec is expanding! We have not only recently opened a new branch office at Neustadt/ Weinstraße to serve our clients in South Germany. But in addition to that we have founded the subsidiary Cosphatec Shanghai Co. Ltd. in China which paves the way to respond to international market developments and potentials right from the start!

Important dates
Come and visit us at:

Cosmetic Business, Munich, Germany – Hall 2, Stand C10, 08.06.-09.06.2016

in-cosmetics Asia, Bangkok – Stand G80, 08.-10.11.2016

Sepawa-Congress, Fulda, Germany – Stand F21, 12.-14.10.2016

SCS Formulate, Coventry, UK – cooperation with Gemro Products, 15.-16.11.2016 With an exciting presentation at the show!

Cosphaderm GMG

Brand new natural plant derived multifunctional!
Cosphatec has created a novel and natural alternative preservative-mixture which shows a very strong efficiency against bacteria, yeasts and molds in low concentrations as well as many positive properties: Anticariogen, Anti-acne, Anti-irritant, Anti-nociceptive, Antioxidant, free-radical scavenging, skin and hair conditioning, emollient and emulsifying. Cosphaderm GMG is a brand new plant derived weapon which can be used to replace controversially discussed preservatives, to eliminate unwished side-effects as well as increase a long list of positive functions.

  • Natural and plant derived alternative preservative
  • Effective in low concentrations
  • Long list of positive properties

Cosphaderm Magnolia Extract 98

The alternative preservative sensation!
Cosphatec has developed another natural derived multifunctional with astonishing effects! Cosphaderm Magnolia Extract 98 consists of magnolol:honokiol in a ratio of 1:1 and shows a very strong pH-independent efficiency against yeasts, molds and germs that cause acne or caries. Additionally it has nice skin conditioning properties as well as an antioxidative effect which can be shown by a Rancimat test. All these impressive benefits make our Cosphaderm Magnolia Extract a unique multifunctional all-rounder!

  • Strong antibacterial and anti-fungal efficiency
  • Reduces the growth of caries and peridontitis causing bacteria
  • Efficient against certain acne-causing germs
  • Completely natural, pH-independent efficient and low application concentration

Cosphaderm Dicapo

The new cost-effective multifunctional blend!
Cosphatec GmbH has created a liquid and water dispersible multifunctional blend protecting cosmetic formulations against gram-positive and gram-negative bacteria, yeasts and molds. Caused by its strong efficiency the recommended concentration is low which makes it the ideal cost-effective replacement of listed preservatives for your formulation.

  • Liquid
  • Water dispersible
  • Highly efficient
  • Strong against gram-positive and gram-negative bacteria, yeasts and molds
  • Low price

Cosphaderm Diols

Target-oriented, water soluble and highly efficient alternative preservative!
Cosphatec also offers a broad range of COSMOS certified as well as synthetically produced Diols. All of them have a variety of positive functions and are not listed as a preservative in the European cosmetic regulation. They are colourless, liquid, water soluble and pH independently efficient. We offer excellent qualities with a high purity and an excellent price-performance ratio. By combining two diols we can provide you with the best suitable solution and a target-oriented increase of positive functions for your specific formulation!

  • A low-cost, water soluble, pH-independent and highly efficient alternative preservative
  • Increases the stability of emulsions
  • Target-oriented increase of positive functions for each specific formulation by combining two diols

Cosphaderm Tocopherols

The all natural and user friendly antioxidants!

Another part of Cosphatec’s product range are the Cosphaderm Tocopherols. These Vitamin E mixtures consist of minimum 70% alpha, beta-gamma and delta tocopherols. They are completely natural and excellent antioxidants to protect the lipid phase of your cosmetic formulation. Their high efficiency enables a low application concentration. All tocopherol mixtures are dissolved in sunflower or soybean oil leasing to very user friendly, liquid and stable products.

To boost their efficiency you can combine them with Cosphaderm AP leading to one of the strongest available antioxidants!

  • Highly effective, excellent quality, completely natural
  • User friendly to process
  • Boosting effect in combination with Cosphaderm AP

Cosphaderm Hyaluronate

New active substances with anti-ageing effect!

Cosphatec offers Hyaluronic acids in three different concentrations. They fulfil numerous functions in the connective tissue which are often based on the chain length. Hyaluronic acid with a low molecular weight is able to penetrate deeper skin layers, to connect to the skin keratin and to minimise wrinkles. Hyaluronic acid with middle and high molecular weight is suited for a surface active care. It fills the wrinkles of the skin and stays there after evaporation of the water. All of Cosphatec’s Hyaluronic acids are of high quality and water soluble.

  • All Hyaluronic acids are of high quality and water soluble
  • Typical properties are: anti-ageing effect wrinkle filler and support of the exchange between tissue cells, wound healing, blood and cell migration and anti-inflammatory

Cosphaderm Xanthan Gum/Thickener

The royal class of Xanthan Gums!

Cosphatec has developed a range of Thickeners which are all naturally produced and very fast soluble. In comparison to other Xanthan Gums they are highly stable in a pH-range from 3-11, in the presence of metal ions and at different temperatures. With the exception of Cosphaderm X 34veg all of them form extremely clear gels. Our Xanthan Gums are famous for their excellent sensory characteristics.
Very unique is our Cosphaderm X soft with reduced stickiness, film formation and increased silky feeling – a first class solution for your cosmetic formulation!

  • Naturally produced
  • Very fast soluble
  • Highly stable in a pH range from 3-11

Product range

Under the brand name Cosphaderm we offer a product portfolio of different, innovative, high-quality and unique raw materials ready supported by well-founded scientific research.
Our focus and passion has always been on the Multifunctionals and we are constantly working on developing new products. Also, we have restructured our natural emulsifier range with new sunflower lecithins in various qualities.

Have a look at our substantial product range:

*Cosphaderm a registered trademark of Cosphatec