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Cosphatec is an international and innovative specialist for cosmetic raw materials which are used mainly in the cosmetic industry. Production, distribution as well as research and development of substances such as antioxidants, active ingredients, self-preserving systems or emulsifiers are our passion. We are dedicated to provide superior innovation which is based on our technical expertise in the area of alternative preservation.


"Knowledge is the first resource that increases with use"

Cosphatec's many years of expertise are based on the continuous expansion in the field of research and development. This way, we ensure that future demands are identified early and creative solutions are found. Cosphatec ensures that companies can address the ever changing market demands and successfully meet the increasing responsibility in the field of environmental sustainability with its innovative research approaches and highest quality standards.
Alternative preservatives for the natural cosmetics sector have been our focus ever since the founding of our company in 2005. In addition, own raw materials and raw material combinations are developed in our company laboratory in Hamburg.


Important dates
Come and visit us at:

in-cosmetics Brasil – Stand E71, 30.09. - 01.10.2015

in-cosmetics Asia – In cooperation with Behn Meyer Group, Stand D28, 03.11. - 05.11.2015

SCS Formulate, UK – In cooperation with Gemro Products Ltd, Stand 108, 17.11. - 18.11.2015

Cosphaderm Propanediol natural

Brand new COSMOS and ECOCERT certified Diol!
Cosphatec has added a new multifunctional to its product range. Cosphaderm Propanediol natural is a COSMOS and ECOCERT certified diol with excellent properties. It is colorless and odorless with a high efficiency and is extremely skin friendly. The unlimited water solubility makes it suitable as a moisturizing and conditioning agent for most common cosmetics. The diol can also help to prevent your water containing formulation from uncontrolled growth of bacteria and yeast. Cosphaderm Propanediol natural has a high purity and is derived from a sustainable and certified fermentation process. Therefore it is the ideal solution for creating your natural formulation!

Cosphaderm TOM

Natural easy to apply emollient!
At the in-cosmetic 2014 in Hamburg, we have launched our new natural preservative:
Cosphaderm TOM - a 100 % natural fluid emollient and humectant with excellent broadband antimicrobial activity.
Cosphaderm TOM is suitable for all kinds of cosmetic formulations including baby and oral care products. This multifunctional raw material meets the requirements of most natural cosmetic organisations like ECOCERT, COSMOS and NaTrue. Numerous challenge tests have shown that Cosphaderm TOM is an easy to apply, colorless and nearly odorless, very efficient alternative preservative.

Cosphaderm X 34

Superior natural thickener!
Cosphatec has added a new and very promising Xanthan Gum to its product range – the Cosphaderm X 34! This product is not only ECOCERT but also COSMOS and NaTrue conform!
Cosphaderm X 34 is a natural product done by fermentation, it is food as well as pharma grade and used to increase the viscosity of aqueous solutions without having an own characteristic taste or odour. Furthermore it gratefully stabilizes o/w-emulsions in cosmetic preparations by keeping the microscopically small oil drops within the aqueous phase after mixing. Cosphaderm X 34 solutions show very high resistance towards acid and heat treatment as well as excellent salt tolerance.

Cosphaderm MultiMEG

The preservative sensation!

Cosphatec GmbH has developed an absolutely natural fluid cosmetic raw material with antimicrobial properties which can be used as a single alternative preservative. Our Cosphaderm MultiMEG.
It is also compatible with a broad band of natural polar emulsifiers such as glycosides and lecithins.
It has impressive benefits which makes our Cosphaderm MultiMEG a unique multifunctional all-rounder.

Now also available in the synthetic version!

Product range

Under the brand name Cosphaderm we offer a product portfolio of different, innovative, high-quality and unique raw materials ready supported by well-founded scientific research.
Our focus and passion has always been on the Multifunctionals and we are constantly working on developing new products. Also, we have restructured our natural emulsifier range with new sunflower lecithins in various qualities.

Have a look at our substantial product range:

*Cosphaderm a registered trademark of Cosphatec