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Founded in 1987 in Barcelona, Spain, and acquired in 2012 by Lubrizol (Berkshire Hathaway company), Lipotec is a well-known worldwide expert in advanced active ingredients for skin and hair care. In 2014, Lipotec and Active Organics - Lubrizolís company leader in natural extracts and performance ingredients - merged as one team to provide a complete product portfolio to the cosmetic industry.

Lipotec researches, develops and manufactures innovative active ingredients for cosmetics, which are born out of the discovery of new mechanisms of biologic actions through two technology platforms:

  • Molecular Cosmetics: peptides, other small synthetic molecules, biotechnological and botanical active ingredients.
  • Delivery Systems: controlled release technologies for enhanced stability and bioavailability of the active ingredient.

The result is an unlimited source of active ingredients with proven efficacy to meet every need, which has led to numerous successful products and has positioned Lipotec as a leader in its category for the continuous advance of the cosmetic industry.

Since its incorporation into Lubrizol, Lipotec has become the Global Center of Expertise for Lubrizolís Skin Care division with a strong commitment to becoming a partner to its customers and empowering them with products and services that will accelerate their creativity and enhance their innovation. Leveraging our skin care science knowledge, we offer ingredients and formulation concepts that deliver a beautiful skin experience to the consumers.

Product technologies

Lipotecís product brands reflect the companyís multidisciplinary approach to develop novel solutions through not only the most effective active ingredients but also the most appropriate delivery systems to fulfil an array of beauty needs.

AIMTEC peptides and synthetic molecules: Peptides and synthetic molecules designed to stimulate, inhibit or mimic specific targets, to cover a wide range of functions within skin care.

BIOINTEC blue biotechnology: Natural molecules with specific cosmetic benefits obtained from living microorganisms through sustainable bioprocesses.

ACTIVE ORGANICS inspired by nature: An extensive variety of quality botanical extracts and ingredients from throughout the world, prioritising innovation, technology and sustainability.

FILMTEC molecular films: Molecular films directed at moisturising while enhancing the release of the active ingredients into the skin.

VECTORTEC delivery systems: Vectorisation techniques are used to provide the most appropriate delivery system depending on the desired application.

QUIOTEC cosmetotextiles: Delivery systems, containing Lipotecís key active ingredients, that fit all types of textile fabrics to offer a wide variety of cosmetic benefits.

Latest launches


CELLYNKAGE marine ingredient enhances both direct communication between adjacent cells and crosstalk among different skin layers, allowing the restoration of cell functioning and cutaneous homeostasis deteriorated by age. After the application of a cream with 2% ingredient on menopausal skin for 56 days the thickness of the epidermis increased by 15%, collagen density in the dermis by 2.4% and the skin surface homogeneity increased significantly by 7.9%. In addition, the microrelief structure improved by 113% when compared to placebo resulting in a more regular meshing and a better organised skin.
Rejuvenating effect for mature skin.


POLLUSHIELD functional ingredient offers protection against pollution provided by a polymer with metal chelating properties and a potent free radical scavenger. When treated with 5% ingredient, the skin exposed to urban pollution in China (Beijing) demonstrated almost no accumulation of metals as well as a greater antioxidative power and decreased lipid peroxides. An additional study also demonstrated the efficacy of POLLUSHIELD functional ingredient in easing the removal of microparticles from skin surface by applying a cream with 5% ingredient before exposure to pollution microparticles.
A complete skin protection from urban pollution.

Closer to our customers

Lipotec benefits from a strong international presence. With headquarters in Spain, Lipotec has local representation in the United States, Australia, Singapore, Japan, Germany, France and Italy as well as a network of distributors worldwide. This allows for being closer to the customers in more than 45 countries and be fully involved in the development of their projects.