McKernan Packaging Clearing House

800 S. Rock Blvd.
NV 89502
United States

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McKernan Packaging offers wholesale bottles, surplus bottles and wholesale jars to customers worldwide.


Company overview

For 52 years, McKernan Packaging Clearing House has been dedicated to providing Quality Discount Packaging.

MPCH offers over 7,000 different quality packaging components by the case or by the truckload. All in stock and ready to ship! McKernan can actually be looked at more as a service corporation.MPCH helps smaller businesses, start-ups, and even larger businesses find quality packaging components. At the same time, McKernan also helps businesses dispose of any obsolete packaging by purchasing unused and unbranded components, such as bottles, jars, and closures. This program allows those companies the opportunity to recapture some of their inventory investment on any surplus packaging.

Major Markets

  • Cosmetics & Toiletries
  • Personal Care
  • Household
  • Pharmaceutical

Major Products

Major products are packaging components that include: plastic, glass, and metal bottle and jars, closures, lotion pumps, trigger sprayers, cosmetic and personal care items and more.

Specialized Services

Whenever you have unwanted, obsolete or surplus packaging inventory, McKernan Packaging Clearing House is your opportunity to maximize profits. We are an environmentally responsible and profitable solution to scrapping or traditional recycling. When you need to clear inventory in a short period, call MPCH.

Global Capabilities

MPCH is an international company. We buy and sell packaging components all over the world. International customers no longer need to wait for a catalog in the mail. Our web site offers the most up-to-date product information as well as a digital issue of our mailed promotional materials. Be sure to visit our site at Or contact us at

New For 2011

In 2011 McKernan is expanding it reaches in the packaging industry by the introduction of several new highly sought after components such as our new PureFoam™ non-aerosol foamer, our new Earth Spray™ all plastic triggers and more. We also will continue our GREEN stance by providing companies with an environmentally responsible way of eliminating their excess/obsolete inventory.

Key Personnel

Tim McKernan, President
Jim Lemmons, General Manager
Elaine King, Sales Manager
Bill Dennison, Senior Buyer
Gina Crespo, Advertising Manager

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