New KraussMaffei liaison for plastics packaging machinery


The global supplier of machinery and systems to produce and process plastics and rubber has installed a new press officer for the KraussMaffei brand

Plastic moulding machines work by melting and then cooling plastic molecules

The KraussMaffei Group, a major global supplier of machinery and systems to produce and process plastics and rubber, and a key player in the packaging field, has appointed Petra Rehmet as press officer for the KraussMaffei brand, according to the company website. Rehmet is in charge of the company's communication on "injection moulding, automation and reaction process machinery."

The announcement follows a large order in June of KraussMaffei's CX series two-component injection moulding machine by France's Texen Group, a global packaging manufacturer and subsidiary of PBS Industries, which recently established a new research and development centre, the Texen Lab. The flexible and energy-efficient CXZ 160-380/180 Hybrid with an LRX 100 side-entry robot will be used to create multi-component packaging parts for high end cosmetics and perfumes.

KraussMaffei is also collaborating with the German plastics agency Kunststoff-Institut Südwest  on projects to "improve the quality of plastics products and to further increase the cost efficiency of the production processes" according to its website. The institute recently placed an order for KraussMaffei's AX-series injection moulding machine. Rehmet's appointment reflects the expansion of the manufacturer's business worldwide and increasing need for information on their plastics machinery.

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