Bourjois combines lipgloss and tooth whitening


Brand to launch Smile Enhancing Gloss in October

Chanel-owned company Bourjois is launching a lipgloss formulated to enhance tooth whiteness in the form of Smile Enhancing Gloss which is set to launch in October. On one end it features a tooth gel enriched with brightening agents and fruit active ingredients said to perform an antioxidant action while being gentle on the tooth enamel.

Bourjois says this gel can be applied directly onto clean teeth as many times as necessary throughout the day. The other end of the tube features a lipgloss available in six different shades, including Framboise Hollywood, Brun Showbiz and Glossy Star all formulated with White Focus pigments to enhance tooth brightness instantly, according to Bourjois.

October will also see the launch of the new Gel Foundation Mix Serum by Bourjois, described as a “ vitamin enhanced fruit therapy for the complexion” . The formulation contains lychee, goji and pomegranate, three superfruits said to enhance the skin, boost skin tone through repeated application.

Gel Foundation Mix Serum comes in six shades, for fair, medium and dark skin, and Bourjois claims that after four weeks of use it provides 69% more radiance.