Biotherm Homme launches film starring David Beckham


Beckham shares his life story through his many tattoos in new skin care advert

Premium male skin care brand Biotherm Homme has released a short film starring brand ambassador David Beckham.

The clip is the next installment in the brand’s partnership with the sportsman. It announced the deal in May 2016 as well as plans to launch new products next year.

The new film was directed by Johan Renck and shares the story of Beckham’s life through his tattoos. Beckham explains: “The story of my life is written on my skin, don’t expect to read it on my face.”

The clip shows several of Beckham’s many tattoos, including an eagle, a ship and the number “99” on his little finger. The figure is said to represent 1999, the year he married his wife and welcomed the birth of his first child.

Biotherm Homme has also added to its Force Supreme collection with Force Supreme Life Essence, said to help men achieve younger-looking skin.

Beckham commented on the launch: “I use Biotherm Homme Force Supreme serum to improve my skin. I also recently discovered the new Force Supreme Life Essence which is really a booster in the morning.”

Biotherm Homme says that Beckham represents “a generation of men who are travelling, working and living more throughout their 40s”.