Cosmetics Europe pledges further €8m to find alternatives to animal testing


Announces new funds at SRURAT-1 meeting in Lisbon

Cosmetics Europe (formerly Colipa) has pledged €8m to further its research programme into finding alternatives to animal testing, it announced at the annual SEURAT-1 meeting in Lisbon on 8 February. The new funds come on top of the €50m programme that the European Commission and Cosmetics Europe have jointly invested in SEURAT-1 under the 7th Framework Programme.

According to the association, the Cosmetics Europe Alternatives to Animal Testing (ATT) extended programme will focus on the pre-validation of promising toolbox test methods for skin sensitisation and data integration activities; the finalisation of the development and conduct pre-validation of the already developed 3D model for genotoxicity; and the refinement of eye irritation assays to address the last remaining gaps.

“It is important that all ATT research, including SEURAT-1, is considered in the framework of creating a longer term road map to ensure that all European research efforts are united – and research investments optimised – in order to achieve workable solutions to replace animal testing as soon as possible,” commented Cosmetics Europe’s general director, Bertil Heerink.