Gigantic Parfums splits its portfolio


Fragrance developer and distributor to sell parts of its portfolio of licenses with Lucien Lallouz and GLMAC

Fragrance developer and distributor Gigantic Parfums Inc has entered into an agreement with Lucien Lallouz and GLMAC with respect to pursuing the sale of some of the licenses it holds. The fragrance company has executed an agency agreement letter that provides for GLMAC to render services that include evaluating its portfolio of licenses and marketable opportunities, and identifying potential buyers for the company.

Meanwhile, Gigantic Parfums “will continue to focus on targeting and developing new fragrance licenses”, according to president and ceo Ilia Lekach.

Lucien Lallouz and GLMAC previously facilitated the sale of the Perry Ellis fragrance license to Perry Ellis International Inc. Lallouz adds: “Ilia Lekach, while ceo and chairman of Parlux Fragrances Inc had consistently picked the right celebrity and fashion designers to develop fragrances for… while negotiating the sale of the Perry Ellis license we had serious interest from many companies wishing to acquire signed licenses. We are now ready to revisit and explore those interests.”