ISCO to launch enhanced delivery stem cell skin care


Anti-ageing products will be ready for sale in November

A joint venture between International Stem Cell Corporation (ISCO) and a new firm to be formed by marketing specialist and president of Millenium Wave Investments John Mauldin is to launch a line of stem cell-based skin care products developed by ISCO subsidiary Lifeline Skin Care Inc (LSC).

The products – a day cream and a night-time version – are formulated using ISCO’s proprietary parthenogenetic stem cells, which do not require the use of fertilised embryos. Proteins from the stem cells are surrounded by a nanovesicle, allowing for extended shelf life and enhanced delivery of the product to the skin.

The initial product offering is scheduled for November and will be to ISCO’s investors and followers. Next in line will be the 1.5 million readers of Mauldin’s economic letter, which the joint venture believes will allow LSC ample time to build an inventory of the stem cell extract before the products are sold on a broader scale.

“This represents an amazing leap forward in the combination of a variety of cutting edge technologies to yield products that have the potential to find significant consumer acceptance,” commented ISCO chairman Kenneth Aldrich. “The anti-ageing market is extremely large and Lifeline Skin Care is offering something completely new and different. We are excited about the prospects.”