L’Oréal airs more TV ads than any other brand in the UK


Company airs the most ads on UK channels

L’Oréal had more TV adverts aired in June than any other brand in the UK, according to data compiled by 4C. The company aired 4,825 ads across all TV channels in the month, taking the top spot ahead of McDonalds, Tesco and Smart Insurance at second and third place respectively. Overall, L’Oréal aired a total of 1994 minutes of ads in June.

L’Oréal Paris was also the most advertised brand on free-to-air channels during peak times with 1074 ads totalling 450 minutes of advertising. Other top free-to-air advertisers in these slots included retailer Tesco, in fifth place.

L’Oréal was the fourth biggest advertiser on paid-for channels during peak hours. It aired 240 minutes of ads during peak times on these channels. Slightly ahead of L’Oréal in this time was Nivea, which aired 243 minutes of ads, reaching third place with 837 adverts.