Lipo recommends pressed face powder with Orgasol 2002 EXD Nat Cos


A light powder with smooth application and silky feel.


A light powder with smooth application and silky feel. Orgasol® 2002 EXD NAT COS provides perfect coverage with a soft focus effect.


188.40Rose Talc (66)Talc
13.00Zinc Stearate (119)Zinc Stearate
1qsPreservative (preservative)
10.10Iron Oxide Red (99)Iron Oxides (CI 77489)
10.50Iron Oxide Yellow (99) Iron Oxides (CI 77489)
13.00Orgasol® 2002 EXD NAT COS (4) Nylon-12
13.00Lipomic® 601 BN Special (1) Mica (and) Boron Nitride
22.00/100.00%Liponate® 2-DH (1) PEG-4 Diheptanoate

(1) Lipo Chemicals, Inc.
(4) Lipo (Arkema)
(66) Presperse
(99) Hilton Davis
(119) Ruger Chemical Co., Inc.


1. Combine Sequence #1 ingredients and mix using a blender.
2. Add Sequence #2 ingredient slowly to powder blend with spatula mixing.
3. Re-blend the mixture again on the blender until uniform.
4. Transfer the bulk into a suitable pan for pressing.
5. Press samples using a hydraulic press at 800 psi.

Stability: stable.

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