Lucas Meyer Cosmetics to exhibit at NYSCC Suppliers' Day


In cosmetics Best Ingredient SILVER

New Products:

Miniporyl: Redefine skin texture in only 15 days! In cosmetics Best Ingredient SILVER

Miniporyl is a natural pore minimiser designed to rebalance skin conditions responsible for pore enlargement. Miniporyl acts effectively and simultaneously on three different biological targets to refine the skin with a fast action.

Miniporyl visibly reduces the appearance of pore in men, women and young adults after only 15 days. As a skin treatment, Miniporyl has a complementary effect compared to pore filling silicone-based primer, which has only a short-lasting immediate physical action.

Defenscalp: Scalp microbiota-friendly anti-dandruff ingredient

Defenscalp is a smart multifunctional plant-derived ingredient designed to naturally regulate the Malassezia proliferation, responsible for dandruff, while preserving the scalp microbiota ecosystem. As an ecologically alternative to irritating classical anti-dandruff ingredients, Defenscalp provides outstanding clinical results on seboregulation and anti-dandruff action from the first use, without side effects. Defenscalp maintains a healthy non-oily scalp and hair.

New results:

Lecigel: Proven cooling effect

In a new clinical study, Lecigel shows that it immediately lowers skin temperature with a lasting effect up to 20 minutes. It can be used as a safe alternative to menthol.

New Concepts:

Abracadabra: Lucas Meyer Cosmetics makes you explore surprising chameleon textures for a unique playful and sensorial experience!

4 magical formulas:

  • Enchanted Gel-to-Milk: A cleansing oil transforming into a milky emulsion when in contact with water. This translucent oil-in-glycerin texture provides a cocooning warming action and leaves the skin unbelievably soft
  • Mysterious Powder-to-Foam: A powder that metamorphoses into a nice unctuous foam revealing its exfoliating particles.
  • Charmed Fluffy Mask: A mask drying onto the skin and turning fluffy when rubbed. This pearlescent white gel-cream texture brings a cool and comfortable sensation while brightening the skin.
  • Magic Cream-to-Water: A sorbet texture that melts on the skin and disappears into a splash of water. A light water gel-cream breaking down, providing hydration, and vivifying sensations!

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