Lush backs regeneration with new global Spring Prize

By Lucy Tandon Copp 9-Jan-2017

Cosmetics company seeks nominations for projects working towards environmental and social regeneration

Lush and the Ethical Consumer Research Association have announced the launch of the Lush Spring Prize, which will award worthy projects working towards environmental and social regeneration with a share of £200,000.

The prize fund is now open for nominations (entries close on 28 February) and projects from across the world are encouraged to enter.

The annual fund will not only help support projects that are directly working to revive damaged environments but also those looking to overhaul policy.

Regenerative projects considered could be working to support solidarity, community resilience, generating renewable resources or restoring ecosystem functions.

There are four key categories open for entries. These include: Intentional Projects (£50,000), aimed at ideas in the early stages; Young Projects (£75,000), aimed at projects one to five years old and seeking growth; Established Projects (£50,000), ideal for projects that are demonstrating success; and Influence Award (£25,000), open to projects campaigning to influence policy or public opinion.

A panel of judges will select winners from a shortlist in March, with the awards presented in May.

Ethical Consumer Research Association is a non-profit research and consultancy organisation that specialises in independent research into social, animal welfare and environmental issues.