Lustre Pure Light Pro tackles acne at-home


New Pure Light Pro device is claimed to require only 20 minutes of treatment time over a 12 week period before results are seen

The Lustre Clinic has launched a new device that aims to allow acne sufferers to treat their skin independently at home over a shorter period of time.

The Lustre Pure Light Pro device joins the original Lustre Pure Light Classic device, which launched in March last year, however the recommended length of use for the new device is only 20 minutes over a 12 week period, as opposed to an hour. Like the original device, the Lustre Pure Light Pro uses blue light technology to eliminate spot-causing bacteria. Clinical trials showed that using blue light at 415nm could allow acne sufferers to achieve a 60% improvement in inflammatory acne and a 50% improvement in comedone counts after 12 weeks of regular application.

Speaking at the launch event, Wendy Lewis, President of global aesthetics consultancy Wendy Lewis & Co Ltd, explained that, unlike the common misconception, it is not just teenagers that are affected by acne, but those of all ages. She cited Ambicare research sponsored by Lustre and said: “One in five people don’t like leaving the house because of their acne, while over a quarter report that their careers have been affected by acne.” Meanwhile, Dr Johanna Ward, Medical Director of The Skin Clinic, Sevenoaks, said: “In the UK, acne is a huge problem. But something like this, a device that can give you fast and effective treatment for acne in 12 weeks, is exciting.”

The rechargeable device attaches to the user's face via three slim, flexible pads that target problem areas directly. It is claimed to have no side effects, making the product more appealing to acne sufferers, as topical ointments or tablets can sometimes result in undesirable side effects such as dry or flaking skin, which in turn puts users off completing a course. Users can also carry on with their daily routines at home for the 20 minutes that they wear the device, as it is portable.

The Lustre Pure Light Pro device is available through specialist skin clinics nationwide for £349, while the Lustre Pure Light Classic is £249 and available directly from