MineralBio promises baby soft skin with new brand


South Korea’s MineralBio has released a mineral bio-cosmetics brand for infants named Baby Twins. At launch, the range included a Mineral Spray, Mineral Lotion and two-in-one Mineral Shampoo & Wash.

The company produces cosmetics, toiletries and health care products based on natural ingredients, including over 20 natural minerals. A key factor in the appeal of the brand’s products is that they do not contain artificial chemical compounds and are free of synthetic preservatives, surfactants and steroids. The US Food and Drug Administration and Ecocert in Europe are both said to have certified the quality of raw materials used.

The products have also been extensively tested to ensure they will not cause irritation to infants’ skin. According to MineralBio, the line will also help mothers in dealing with common skin problems affecting infants such as diaper and heat rash.

In recent years, Korean consumers have become interested in the ingredients used in cosmetics and toiletries. This interest has been accompanied by growth in the market for natural products.

According to the MineralBio, Korean consumers are not only concerned with beauty but also acutely health conscious. Aside from the Baby Twins brand, MineralBio has also launched products targeted to adults and the elderly.