Oud fragrance trend to continue into 2014

The trend towards oud and oriental scents is set continue into 2014 according to UK based fragrance and flavour supplier Ungerer Limited.

“An increase in oud and intense versions has impacted the retail environment of late, seeing consumer preference explore the exotic. We predict this to be a key driver in further influencing fragrance direction over the next 12 months,” said Jacqui Hughes, Marketing Manager for Ungerer.

In response to the continued trend towards more intense fragrances, Ungerer’s latest capsule collection of fragrances developed for edt and toiletries is said to focus on the luxury of global travel, retail, embellished packaging and the Middle East.

“Sophisticated blends of oud and rich spice including saffron and cardamom create intensity and warmth that offer longevity in this trend, with rose and leather suited to the autumn/winter months, and unusual twists on violet and lemongrass for a brighter take suited to spring/summer.”