Stem cell skin care line scheduled for 2010 launch


New skin care line passes safety tests

The International Stem Cell Corporation (ISCO) has announced that its wholly owned subsidiary, Lifeline Skin Care Inc, has achieved positive results in human safety tests of its cosmetic products and is moving forward with arrangements with Cosmetic Enterprises Ltd for the manufacture of three cosmetic products. Based on this, Lifeline Skin Care is planning to launch a cosmetic product line in the late summer or autumn of this year.

Lifeline Skin Care’s cosmetic products contain extracts from human parthenogenetic stem cells (hpSC) combined with a vitamin complex and other active ingredients, while a form of nanotechnology is used to deliver concentrated active ingredients to damaged skin. Laboratory tests are said to show that an active complex of stem cell extract has the ability to rejuvenate skin, while early human trials are claimed to show that these cosmetic products moisturise skin and strongly indicate an ability to decrease wrinkle depth.

The company is working with California-based OTC drug licensed manufacturer Cosmetic Enterprises to formulate and package its skin care product.

ISCO describes itself as a pioneer in the development of a new class of stem cells, human parthenogenetic stem cells, which avoid critical ethical issues by eliminating the need to use fertilised embryos and can be immune-matched to large segments of the population. It says it has so far successfully derived 10 hpSC lines.