Treatnow app advertises last minute spa appointments


App advertises available health and beauty treatments

A new app aims to open up last-minute appointments for health and beauty treatments at reputable, upmarket salons.

TreatNOW users will be able to search for nearby salons and clinics, which will then let the user know of any appointments they have available that day within minutes of the search. If the stated time and salon suits the user, they will be able to book the slot straight away at the touch of a button.

The service was set up by entrepreneur Sara Hill, who was looking for a way to book high quality health and beauty treatments at the last minute. Only salons that have been personally vetted by a member of the TreatNOW team will be featured on the app.

The service is currently only available in London, but there are plans to expand into cities across the rest of the UK and Europe.