US consumers pay out for travel-friendly products


With tight airline restrictions on carry-on luggage, compliance appears to be coming at a cost for many

A study commissioned by H2O+ Beauty has found that the majority of US consumers pay for new travel-friendly sized products in order to meet airline requirements.

The study, which analysed nearly 2,000 US consumers, found that 80% of travelers regularly meet the Transportation Security Administration’s (TSA) requirements for liquid products without having to throw away items at security checkpoints.

Air travel passengers are able to bring liquids in 100ml bottles or less by volume on board aeroplanes with all liquid items able to fit in a plastic bag of no more than 1l.

While 65% of consumers meet these requirements by actively buying travel-sized versions of their favourite products or travel-friendly containers, women are more likely to spend on products designed for travelling, at 69%.

Joy Chen, CEO of H2O+ Beauty, said: “It's clear that consumers value a variety of product packaging and sizes for travel, which presents a great opportunity for the beauty industry to capitalise on this and create products that are equally convenient at home and on the road.”