Why is femininity in business still seen as weakness?


Hundreds of millions of women run business ventures globally, but gender equality is still a sensitive subject

With the gender pay gap and equal opportunities on most businesses' radar today, why does the glass ceiling still create barriers for female entrepreneurs? Lisa Dodds, Founder and CEO of NKDb (4th Base Cosmetics), gives her opinion

Lisa Dodds

"Beauty start-ups are frequently founded by women, who, using their passion and experiences of this sector, are inspired to create their own brand. These successful beauty businesses are run by women who aren’t afraid to work hard and seize opportunities.

However, ironically, being a female entrepreneur in a female-dominated industry is not without issues of the glass ceiling and sexism.

I think one of the key challenges facing female beauty entrepreneurs is that there is still a pre-conception that, as their product is feminine, their business model will be ‘feminine’ too. . . .

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