Xyrena launches fragrances in retro clamshell VHS packaging


Fragrance house uses retrofitted VHS moulds to house five scents

Xyrena, a fragrance house based in the US, has looked to the world of film for inspiration for its latest packaging proposition.

The company has released five extrait de parfums in collectible VHS cases: Basic Bitch, Pool Boy, Hellanut, Dark Ride and Cinemaniac. The cases are being called XHS by Xyrena.

The cases were created using original, retrofitted VHS moulds. The fragrances come hidden inside the black clamshell cases, while the cover art is inspired by the perfume inside.

Xyrena’s CEO and perfumer Killian Wells said: “Instead of following trends, I think 'how would other people approach this?' and I do the exact opposite. XHS is a way for art and fragrance fans to be equally excited about Xyrena’s packaging as they are about the juice inside.”

Xyrena is known for producing unique fragrances and scent concepts, with the fragrance house using the tagline: ‘The Olfactory Rebels’. In December last year, it launched three scents called Virtual Reality Fragrances, which all aimed to recreate the smell of an experience such as a theme park ride or gas station. aXyrena, which creates handmade fragrances in LA, is a 100% vegan and cruelty-free brand. It is certified by PETA, Leaping Bunny and Vegan Action.