7 HOPES is established in June 2018 in the heart of London’s Covent Garden, 7 Hopes provide natural and organic skin care product design and production services. If you’re taking your first steps into the natural beauty market, or you’re a well-established business looking to expand your portfolio, look no further than 7 Hopes. We take the time to work with our clients and understand their requirements, target market, client behavior and socio-economic standards. As a full-service company we’ll manage the whole process from creation to design and laboratory testing

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Have you ever dreamed of having your own beauty product made in UK and registered in European Union? 7 HOPES HELPS YOU TO ACHIEVE YOUR DREAMS AND AMBITIONS.

New formula:


Niacin-amide & VIT-C Serum

MOQ 250 units
30 ml dropper (free issue)
Niacin-amide & VIT C face serum is a perfect combination for skin glow, pure and clear face.

Niacinamide supports the skin barrier (the outer surface of skin), increases its resiliency, and improves texture by making pores look smaller. It also helps balance oil production, and—bonus! — it's good for all skin types.

Formula is only for white label options. For more details contact: Info@7hopes.co.uk.

Private and white label

Whether you have your own idea or not, 7 HOPES can still help you whether you’re new to industry or well established!

From design to production, 7 HOPES provide a full service through 7 steps (private label):

Step 1: We start by having an in-depth discussion with the client, getting to know their bran ideas and understanding the target market they want to reach.

Step 2: We’ll start designing your product. If you’re interested in having specific ingredients in your item, or certain design features, we’ll discuss these here.

Step 3: Labs creation formulations to be samples to yourself to test. Based on feedback to amend the mixture multiple times to match your request.

Step 4: Production phase; possible to run production of minimum 500 packs
to minimise initial risk.

Step 5: Packaging phase; client starts customising his brand the best way that matches his vision and image.

Step 6: Then comes the labelling phase.

Step 7: Registering the products in the European Union and submitting all laboratory and regulatory requirements.

Or you can choose one of our very interesting ready-made ranges, they are already formulated and ready to be packed and registered under your own name in the EU.

Please download the catalogue from the link here.

We can provide small or big runs.

7 HOPES Concept

Why is 7 HOPES so named? 7 HOPES is aiming to satisfy the basic needs any human being could ask for, which are; health, happiness, peace, love, beauty, success and sharing.

7 HOPES concept is based upon providing Hopes for all stakeholders (company, clients (investors) consumers and finally supporting the local community through charity activities).

Our clients (investors who need to establish a brand we will share their hope of success, achievements, wealth).

End users: Beauty, satisfaction, belonging, community acceptance, satisfaction and success.

Our three pillars

  • Environmental considerations, care and sustainability
  • Avoiding synthetic products and focusing on going green and using natural ingredients where possible
  • Understanding our social responsibility and focusing on how we can support a local community.

All the above will share in a charity activity by funding homeless people, orphans, starvation community.

We will follow your dream! Contact us now to settle a meeting or conference call and discuss your new beauty brand. We will manage it all for you starting from idea creation until having your beauty brand registered in the European Union (EU).

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