The Mighty Moustache: How to wear your facial hair for Movember 2019

From gunslinger to goatee, help your customers take their ‘taches to new lengths this Movember

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Game of Thrones star Lena Headey's first beauty ambassador role has a charitable twist

The British actress is best known for playing Cersei Lannister in the hit HBO drama

Emporio Armani unveils Nicholas Hoult and Alice Pagani as new faces for fragrance line

The actors will star as the romantic leads in its latest campaign

Dove Men+Care spreads #HolidayShear for dads and kids

In partnership with barber shop Bishops Cuts/Color, the brand is offering free washes and cuts to visitors on 14 ...

World Mental Health Day: Why male grooming brands should get involved

Close to 800,000 people die due to suicide every year, which is one person every 40 seconds. Cosmetics Business ...

This city has been crowned the 'most handsome' in the US

The results were collated by men’s retailer Grooming Lounge and measured the population’s annual spending on ...

Gillette challenges stereotypes with new #ManEnough campaign

Through its new campaign, the P&G-owned personal care brand is encouraging men to show their emotions

The 10 beauty brands that defined the 2010s

From start-ups to conglomerates, these brands have changed the conversation around beauty forever

By the order of Murdock London: Peaky Blinders enters male grooming market

The range is inspired by two of the hit Netflix show’s characters Thomas Shelby and Alfie Solomons, played by Cillian ...

No Gunk founder makes 2020 male grooming trend predictions

From direct-to-consumer brands to familiar natural ingredients, Sal Essa, founder of men's hair care brand No Gunk, ...

Why music videos are taking the lead in beauty marketing campaigns

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For love or money: What do the Love Island men mean for the future of male grooming?

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Why is male skin blemish prone and how far can cosmetics brands help?

Skin care thought leader Katerina Steventon explores the causes and potential cosmetic treatments of acne in male ...

Tampons and razors to blame for Edgewell sales decline

The US brand owner saw mixed 2019 financial results, with skin care counteracting losses

Mintel urges men’s brands to address mental health in campaigns

In recent years, male grooming brands and barbershops have stepped up to help tackle harmful stereotypes of men

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