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World first make-up printer announces launch

The Contour 8000 is a precision engineered device that is said to apply a base of make-up in 30 seconds

Korean scientists create wearable device to tackle hair loss

The new device was found to significantly increase hair growth on mice, with potential applications for humans

4 colour cosmetic formulations: Hard working make-up

Colour cosmetics are reaching new levels of activity and visual appeal

Education, education: Why schools are key to supporting the future of cosmetic science

Grace Abamba was named President of the UK Society of Cosmetic Scientists (SCS) at the 2018 AGM in May. Clare Henderson ...

RPC M&H Plastics helps revamp skin care brand Archiman’s packaging

The French male grooming brand was founded by sisters Karine and Stéphanie Coccellato after long standing careers in ...

Yippi app enhances beauty for video chat

Users of the app can choose from a range enhancements including teeth whitening and flushed cheeks

Exploring hair care materials past and present

R J W Hefford looks at the history of shampoos, conditioners and hair styling products, and provides his pick of the ...

Scientists move closer to developing acne vaccine

Researchers discover that antibodies to a toxin secreted from bacteria in acne could reduce inflammation in sufferers

The latest hair care formulations: Treating the scalp and protecting hair

These four example formulations work from scalp to shaft for strong, clean hair and a happy scalp

Streamlining regulatory throughout product development

Ithos Global discusses return-on-investment for companies via a stage-gating and technology-centric approach to new ...

Scientists discover biodegradable plastics can be fully metabolised

Using the polymer PBAT, labelled with a carbon isotope, scientists were able to track the polymer-derived carbon along ...

What is the science behind 2-in-1 shampoos and conditioners?

From the PQ10-containing versions of the 1970s to today’s co-wash inspired formulas, how do formulators combine ...