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Henkel steps up commitment to sustainable packaging with new targets

The German consumer goods company hopes 100% of its packaging will be either reusable, recyclable or compostable by 2025

Scientists discover biodegradable plastics can be fully metabolised

Using the polymer PBAT, labelled with a carbon isotope, scientists were able to track the polymer-derived carbon along ...

How beauty brands are transforming trash into treasure

Beauty brands are striving to make the wasteful, tasteful

BASF launches high-performing and sustainable silicone alternatives

Responding to consumer demand for renewable-based ingredients, BASF has developed a broad range of light emollients to ...

French authorities step in to protect coral reefs from cosmetic ingredients damage

Today, 11 out of France's 13 overseas territories host coral reefs in their seas

EU welcomes nano UV sun care filters, but at what cost?

Despite its success in the cosmetics industry, could the new compound have a detrimental impact on the environment?

Emma Bunton on how motherhood and life as a Spice Girl inspired her debut beauty brand

From Baby Spice to baby care, Emma Bunton, tells Cosmetics Business how motherhood inspired her beauty industry career ...

The Body Shop unveils koala protection plan

Queensland is one of the world’s most affected regions of deforestation with 1,000 rugby pitches of forest destroyed ...

59% of UK consumers do not support a ban on wet wipes

Wet wipes are a major polluter of waterways and contribute to the creation of 'fatbergs'

Fighting our addiction to waste: How can you help?

At this year's Sustainable Cosmetics Summit, TerraCycle’s Tom Szaky discussed reducing disposability

7 things people really believe about natural beauty brands

Cosmetics Business has exclusively partnered with Your Beauty Club to uncover consumer behaviour and attitudes to ...

6 revelations about consumer attitudes towards beauty packaging

Cosmetics Business has partnered with Your Beauty Club to uncover data about how consumer attitudes toward eco-friendly ...

Love Island drives glitter sales up 321%, despite ocean health warnings

The festival season staple has come under fire in recent months for pollutant impact on the environment, but the beauty ...

Estée Lauder to pay $1.1m in new dad gender discrimination lawsuit

The US beauty brand owner received the lawsuit by the Equal Employ­ment Opportunity Commission last year