News from America: the 2019 NYSCC Suppliers' Day review

Cosmetics Business rounds up new materials and leading trends from the 40th birthday edition of the New York-based trade show

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IFF-Lucas Meyer harnesses new mode of action to fight age-related weight gain

IFF-Lucas Meyer launches Morpholyss at in-cosmetics Asia event in Bangkok

Delivery system patents: How to improve the efficacy of actives

From nanostructures to temperature or moisture-triggered delivery, this month's patents focus on cutting-edge delivery ...

Beauty takes a bigger bite out of nutraceuticals

Roziani Zulkifli explains how in-cosmetics Global will address the buzzing beauty-from-within theme in 2018

Japanese food can give you better skin, but not by eating it

Ichimaru Pharcos introduces a moisturising cosmetic ingredient that combines edible Japanese materials to provide ...

Gattefossé releases true emotions restored from natural actives

The thousands of emotions that we experience every day end up etched on our faces. Two natural actives from Gattefossé ...

Merck KGaA names Stefan Oschmann as new CEO

The chemicals company will see current CEO Karl-Ludwig Ley retire in April next year

Exploring hair care materials past and present

R J W Hefford looks at the history of shampoos, conditioners and hair styling products, and provides his pick of the ...

Lachemi launches natural preservative and antimicrobial

Two natural actives have been developed: La’Lact and La’Natura

Beiersdorf selects SymSitive for new Eucerin ranges

German cosmetics giant Beiersdorf has chosen SymSitive, an active from German F&F firm Symrise, as the principal active

3 sources of skin stress and how to tackle the urban lifestyle

Hectic lifestyles, urban pollution and digitalisation are the three major sources of skin stress, particularly in ...

Restoring youthful tresses: A global solution to hair ageing

Alopecia and greying are manifestations of hair ageing that, when they occur prematurely, can negatively impact self- ...

Exploring the benefits of the best eco-friendly alternative exfoliants

Following the phase-out of plastic microbeads in cosmetics for environmental reasons, John Woodruff takes a look at the ...

Sirona Biochem launches anti-ageing preclinical studies with Biogalenys laboratory

Aims to use the data to optimise commercial applications for anti-ageing compounds

Colgate hit by triclosan cancer scare

Toothpaste giant Colgate is attracting increasing negative attention for its use of the active man-made ingredient ...