China's zero-zero generation is inspiring the beauty business

A driving trend at PCHi 2019 in China was young people's needs, with themes including wellness and self-expression at the heart of exhibitor launches and campaigns

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IFF-LMR receives vegan certification for fragrance extracts

The 90 extracts are certified to the EVE vegan standards

Grasse to increase agricultural footprint five-fold to meet raw material demand

Perfumery town has seen an increase in demand for rose and jasmine flowers from the area

Brexit uncertainty prompts CPL Aromas to acquire Spanish fragrance supplier dM fragrances

Move strengthens CPL’S EU manufacturing capabilities in Europe

A day in the life of a visually impaired fragrance evaluator

A case study focusing on positive roles for the blind and visually impaired in fragrance creation at CPL Aromas

Can fragrance help us look younger?

A presentation by Dr Hanns Hatt at the SEPAWA Congress in Germany reveals the cosmetic potential of extranasal ...

Givaudan completes acquisition of Expressions Parfumées

The French fragrance creation house will contribute to Givaudan's 2020 strategy

What is an essential oil?

The benefits of essential oils and how they differ from fragrance oils

Patent round-up: The latest scented innovations

Three fragrance-related patents are described: one to improve the water-resistance of perfume; one to enhance the ...

Who's offering custom cosmetic ingredients?

From specially-extracted botanicals to designer delivery systems, cosmetic ingredients suppliers are increasingly ...

Japanese food can give you better skin, but not by eating it

Ichimaru Pharcos introduces a moisturising cosmetic ingredient that combines edible Japanese materials to provide ...

Eurofragance acquires majority stake in Fragrance Design

Fragrance Design by Eurofragance will help Eurofragance strengthen its position in the US market

New digital ‘nose’ capable of recognising over 500 scents

Designed by Aryballe Technologies, NeOse Pro is capable of detecting and identifying hundreds of odours