BASF’s reveals 4 new active ingredients to tackle signs of ageing

The ingredients will work to improve oily skin, dark spots, fine lines and wrinkles

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SEPPIC presents new skin lightening active ingredient

Sea Shine by BiotechMarine is designed to lighten skin and improve blemishes with marine algae complex

Unlocking the anti-pollution power of giant kelp

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Heliae and Clarecastle to partner on algae products

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Seppic acquires BiotechMarine

Owner Air Liquide reinforces position in healthcare ingredients

Aqua Bio Technology hopes new products will drive sales growth

Aquabeautine XL supplier experiences 'volatile' revenue stream in 2012

BASF sells marine biopolymers business

Seagarden ASA acquires the company’s chitosan production facilities

The 'green' ingredients to use for beauty products with principles

The sustainable sourcing and manufacture of predominantly natural and naturally-derived cosmetic ingredients that do ...

The move away from microbeads: International progress

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Companies collaborate on marine extracts for skin care

Aqua Bio Technology has partnered with Aquapharm to develop new ingredients for skin care

Scottish marine biotech firm renews Croda tie-up with Sederma

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