Right on point: Everything you need to know about cosmetic delivery systems

John Woodruff provides his selection of the best delivery systems for the enhanced and/or longer-term efficacy of cosmetic active ingredients

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4 teen acne patents: Treatments that help reduce breakouts

The latest formulations designed to tackle acne for today’s teens, helping them achieve clear and glowing skin

The science behind natural facial skin care oils

Natural facial skin care oils are more popular than ever, but how do they benefit the skin?

Elemis works with UK farm to grow night-scented stock

In a world-first, Elemis is growing night-scented stock, also known as Matthiola bicornis, on a commercial scale for ...

Greased lightning: The latest in oils, fats and waxes

Oils, fats and waxes are an essential part of many cosmetics. John Woodruff looks at some new launches in this area ...

Essential oils on track for REACH registration by 2018

The latest round table held by IFRA identified commitment to registration

Fatty acids in high demand

The global demand for fatty acids and fatty alcohols is burgeoning in end-user industries.

Amaranth seed oil set to soar

Alleged to cut cholesterol, tastes pleasant, and is commonly used as a red pigment in beauty products, Amaranth seed ...

Natural alternatives to harmful microplastics

With microplastics, in the form of plastic exfoliant microbeads, being so harmful for the environment and our whole ...

Cosmetic ingredients for green chemistry

John Woodruff discovers novel and innovative beauty ingredients that meet the criteria for natural and/or green ...

What wax is right for you?

Martina Heldermann of KahlWax provides her pick of natural waxes

Indena expands into Brazil

Opens Indena Brasil to enhance the presence of the company in South America

SEPPIC launches project to develop algal-based source fatty alcohols and emulsifiers

Ingredient manufacturer to embark on three-year project aiming to develop green and sustainable raw material

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