Right on point: Everything you need to know about cosmetic delivery systems

John Woodruff provides his selection of the best delivery systems for the enhanced and/or longer-term efficacy of cosmetic active ingredients

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Codex Beauty patents edible personal care preservation system

Naturally-derived composition is said to be ideal for baby care goods, which can accidentally be ingested

‘Rancid’ avocado oil findings a concern for the cosmetics industry

A new study found more than 80% of avocado oil supplied in the US was “mislabelled, rancid or adulterated”

What is challenge testing?

Whether your products contain traditional preservatives, or avoid contamination via alternative means, antimicrobial ...

Making antimicrobials work harder: The best preservation boosters on the market

With Annex V materials increasingly being replaced by multifunctionals, sometimes a bit of a boost is needed

DKSH expands schulke’s specialty chemicals for the personal care industry

Under the agreement, DKSH will distribute schülke’s range of specialty chemicals in France

Cosmetic preservation: What is hurdle technology?

The frequently used term ‘hurdle technology’ in the context of cosmetic preservation

Evonik acquires Dr. Straetmans with plans for global expansion

The German specialty chemicals giant will turn Dr. Straetmans’ Hamburg headquarters into a global competence centre ...

Cosmetics ingredients to be screened for endocrine disruption

An extended report from the recent European Commission conference in Brussels

Demand for milder, safer and more eco-friendly products

Personal care manufacturers face demand for products made using milder, safer and more eco-friendly preservative ...

Antimicrobial systems: What are the alternatives to parabens?

With the list of preservative materials for cosmetics shrinking, suppliers are offering smart, synergistic a ...

The 'free from' conundrum

Carmen Paun and Méabh McMahon report from 2014’s Cosmetics Europe conference, which stressed that the beauty ...

Indena expands into Brazil

Opens Indena Brasil to enhance the presence of the company in South America

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