Right on point: Everything you need to know about cosmetic delivery systems

John Woodruff provides his selection of the best delivery systems for the enhanced and/or longer-term efficacy of cosmetic active ingredients

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Altana buys Rockwood’s rheology modifier business for $635m

Intends to integrate business into its BYK Additives & Instruments division

ESSA and Charles Tennant form jv

Aims to increase production of natural sensory modifiers

Technology – Helping hands

Hands are the most exposed, frequently washed area of the body and as such are prone to dryness and sun exposure. ...

in-cosmetics – the ingredients of innovation

A wide range of innovative ingredients for skin care and other cosmetic applications were highlighted in the in- ...

in-cosmetics – the next big thing

Highlights of in-cosmetics 2012 included groundbreaking anti-ageing actives, brightening ingredients and soothing ...

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