The greatest no-show on earth: How beauty suppliers overcame a trade event-free year

Trade shows facilitate interaction between multiple providers and clients over the course of just a few days, as well as providing education and inspiration. But, given that the Covid-19 pandemic has put so many of these live events on ice, how have cosmetic ingredients manufacturers adapted?

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Delivery system patents: How to improve the efficacy of actives

From nanostructures to temperature or moisture-triggered delivery, this month's patents focus on cutting-edge delivery ...

4 patents for novel beauty product emulsifiers and surfactants

An in-depth view of patents that show novel uses for emulsifiers and surfactants

Solvay acquires ERCA assets

The chemical group is to acquire the specialty chemical assets of Brazil based ERCA Química

Cosmetic ingredients for green chemistry

John Woodruff discovers novel and innovative beauty ingredients that meet the criteria for natural and/or green ...

Evonik opens surfactant facility in China

The specialty organic surfactant facility in Shanghai will have a capacity of 80,000 metric tons

Unilever commits to renewables

The company has signed an agreement with the University of Liverpool to develop renewable chemicals

Exploring hair care materials past and present

R J W Hefford looks at the history of shampoos, conditioners and hair styling products, and provides his pick of the ...

Innospec acquires Chemsil and Chemtec

The purchase of silicones specialist Chemsil and distributor Chemtec will strengthen the specialty chemicals company's ...

Evonik expands Indonesia plant

Chemicals company increases its capacity for surfactants and esters

Demand for natural cosmetics drives innovation in surfactants

Prevailing trends are for mild and natural surfactants, emulsifiers and solubilisers - however criteria including ...

How to formulate trending bath product textures

While mild, naturally-derived surfactants and emulsifiers remain a top choice for formulators, this year’s biggest ...

Solvay acquires Sunshield Chemicals

Seeks to grow Novecare surfactants business in Asia

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