Moody beauty: Approaches to emotional & sensory beauty from in-cosmetics 2019

A trending topic at last week’s in-cosmetics Global in Paris was for feel-good cosmetics, a theme that was interpreted in several novel ways

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Are bees the new ‘buzz’ word in cosmetics?

Cardiff University's Pharmabees programme and beauty firm Celtic Wellbeing are tapping into the trend with a new range ...

Sunscreen found to protect vascular health

The new study suggests sunscreens can protect blood vessel function from harmful UV radiation

Johnson & Johnson: Where does the beauty giant's legal wrangle over baby powder now stand?

Johnson & Johnson is facing further litigation over talc asbestos cancer claims. But how many lawsuits is the company ...

How can we combat the long term epigenetic effects of pollution on skin?

The oxidative stress resulting from exposure to pollution results in epigenetic changes in skin cells that can persist ...

Don’t settle. More research needs to be done on the microbiome skin care

Katerina Steventon discusses the microbial make-up of sebum-rich areas of skin and its relationship to acne

Bringing olfactory knowledge into the digital age: Givaudan reinvents how perfumers create

The new AI-powered ‘Carto’ tool uses visuals to blend scents

The brands leading the vegan revolution in 2018

A growing number of animal-free and cruelty-free brands are capitalising on the ethical beauty alternative

Lonza and Chr. Hansen land €90m backing to accelerate microbiome sector

The new 50/50 joint venture aims to pioneer the live biotherapeutic product industry

Will this new approach to epigenetics be the next big beauty trend

While previous cosmetic ingredients have reduced the negative effects of histone modification, two new actives target ...

Lipid lore: Oils, fats and waxes

The winner of SPC’s prize for the best essay on the 2018 SCS Diploma in Cosmetics Science course is Lorna Cox for ...

Exploring hair care materials past and present

R J W Hefford looks at the history of shampoos, conditioners and hair styling products, and provides his pick of the ...

How to make your sunscreen formulations go the extra mile

Formulators are concentrating on maximising the efficacy of existing sun filters while minimising damage caused by ...

Skin diseases ranked fourth most common illness

The study found that 64.5% of participants had at least one skin abnormality

Patents: Beat the heat

This month’s patents offer sun protection and include an encapsulated sunscreen for boosted SPF, a facial oil ...

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