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Future-proofing beauty: The latest research papers for the cosmetics industry

The following abstracts are recent research papers in relation to the cosmetics industry

La Roche-Posay unveils new thumb nail device that can protect its wearer from sun burn

The L’Oréal-owned brand has developed UV Sense, the first battery-free wearable electronic UV sensor to monitor sun ...

How beauty has become the most engaging category on social media

The category generates engagement at 5.5x higher than the average brand. Here's how to maximise your exposure according ...

The next step in animal-free testing: Measuring cosmetic mildness in vitro

A first-of-its-kind project is validating in vitro mildness tests through correlation with human patch test data. Carol ...

How analysis is helping consumers get to know their skin

Jan Behrens of True North Cosmetics on how skin care analytics tools are coming into their own

VAESTRO Image Analysis Software for quantitative analysis of facial features

Canfield’s VAESTRO Image Analysis Toolkit is developed for objective, quantitative assessment of facial features, such ...

Gene analysis gains momentum in cosmetics industry

GENEU allows customers to swab their DNA on the high street

Cosmetic Valley to partner with University of Cergy-Pontoise in new reasearch project

Collaboration will help find new claims for anti-ageing skin care products using testing and analysis

Can this new active protect the skin from blue light?

Millennials spend a total of 49 days a year on their smartphones. But what is this doing to their skin? And how can we ...

Digital olfaction: How NeOse Pro is revolutionising odour identification

Fanny Turlure, Johanna Decorps and Thierry Livache provide their guide to digital olfaction and introduce a new ...

BMSystems and Persistent Systems establish joint biology R&D initiative

Aim to eliminate use of animals in contact allergy testing

Beiersdorf and Charité Berlin discover ‘inner clock’ in skin cells

Provides new prospects for skin care and medicine