ASA cracks down on illegal Botox ads posted on social media

Under Rule 12.12 of the Committee of Advertising Practice, Botox injections are categorised as prescription-only medicines, which cannot be advertised to the public

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P&G challenges indie brand Friction Free Shaving over ‘misleading’ claim

The UK-based subscription brand has been ordered to stop using the phrase ‘friction free’ in relation to the ...

Early bird tickets now on sale for Cosmetics Business Live!

Set in the heart of Amsterdam, this year's conference will provide you with a 360° overview of the cosmetics and ...

European Commission condones use of aluminium in cosmetics

The new regulations would allow aluminium to be used in toothpaste and lipstick under certain specifications

How to communicate beauty claims to the public

The beauty industry struggles to meet consumer needs because of the way we communicate, argues Theresa Callaghan. In an ...

L’Oréal ordered to cover Olaplex's $14m legal fees after trade secrets battle

The French beauty giant was found liable of 'stealing' patented hair care technology in August

Avon takes steps to stop animal testing in China

The beauty brand has been honoured by animal rights organisation PETA and will feature on its 'Working for Regulatory ...

Why is modern day slavery thriving in the beauty industry?

Cosmetics Business removes the polish of the nail industry to uncover how modern slavery has entered the high street

Cosmetics heir Ronald Lauder launches $25m anti-Semitism campaign

The Anti-Semitism Accountability Project will invest in aggressive political campaigns against organisations and ...

Cosmetics and supplement FDA complaints outrank every other product category

In 2018, there were just under 30,000 cosmetics complaints made to the US regulatory body, while dietary supplements ...

Selecting the right compliance reporting system

What are the considerations and steps involved in choosing, implementing and using a regulatory compliance reporting ...

Call for speakers: Lead the discussion at Cosmetics Business Live 2020!

Cosmetics Business announces the launch of Cosmetics Business Live 2020, due to be held in Amsterdam next year

Common legal fails for beauty brands and how to avoid them

David Bond and Tim Rickard of Fieldfisher LLP present some of the typical legal challenges facing cosmetics brands and ...

J&J draws line under Baby Powder asbestos scandal with test results

New tests were carried out by two third party labs, who confirmed no asbestos was present

Unhygienic make-up bags are rife with superbugs, scientists warn

The majority of beauty products are said to be contaminated with E.coli and Staphylococci

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