Bionos Biotech

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A Fernando Abril Martorell 106

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Bionos Biotech is a leading company in the design and development of Efficacy Bioassays (in vitro, ex vivo & in vivo) for the Cosmetic Industry.


Our studies allow to determine the efficacy of Active Ingredients and Final Cosmetic Products, validating the functionality and mechanism of action, both in vitro, ex vivo & in vivo, in a novel, rigorous, cost-effective and timely manner. Our services provide tailor-made and integral solutions through research, development and innovation.

10 Reasons to trust Bionos

  • Quality: Rigorous and thorough scientific Final Report.
  • Short time response: 4-6 weeks (final report). Mean delivery time of 22 days.
  • Flexibility and better assay conditions (more replicates for a better statistical analysis).
  • Unique capabilities for in vitro testing of both Active ingredients and Final Products (Undiluted).
  • Excellent Quality / Price ratio.
  • Know-how with more than 25 years of experience in national and international research.
  • Cutting-edge equipment and techniques (RT-qPCR, confocal, flow cytometry‚Ķ).
  • Ongoing Feedback: Client counselling and continuous reporting.
  • Adaptability: Tailor-made and ongoing development of new assays.
  • Continuous collaboration with Hospitals and Research Centres.

Our Catalogue of Studies includes more than 100 different studies within the following fields:

  • Antioxidant & Detoxification
  • Antiaging
  • Sun Protection (UV / IR / HEV) & DNA Repair
  • Firming
  • Whitening/Self-Tanning
  • Anti-inflammation (anti-irritant) and Calming
  • Cell Proliferation and Skin Regeneration
  • Anti-stress and Anti-pollution
  • Moisturizing capacity
  • Dermal Penetration
  • Slimming and Fat metabolism
  • Epigenetics & Genomics
  • Anti-hair Loss and Hair growth
  • Hair Strength and Resistance
  • Energetic and Mitochondrial metabolism
  • Muscular and joint health
  • Thermal shock protection
  • Anti-wrinkles & Anti-acne in vivo
  • Whitening and Anti-dark spots in vivo
  • Anti-eye bags and Anti-jowls in vivo
  • Face Oval Remodeling and Thermography in vivo
  • Moisturizing, Firming and Birghtness in vivo