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At the forefront of innovation, we never stop to question ourselves. We push the boundaries of cosmetics and of the bio-technological industry, and we always set ourselves new challenges - those of inventing the technical solutions of tomorrow, drawing inspiration from and growing plankton, seaweeds and plants with still underestimated properties


Founded in 2002, CODIF was born from a continuing search for technological innovation and a sincere, humane commitment. We develop innovative active ingredients while pushing back the limits of traditional cosmetics to offer active material from the sea, plants and biotechnology that are totally new and feature ultra-high performance.

Latest launches

Raykami | From a unique natural soure with anti-ageing benefits

Raykami resources the skin, using the protective qualities of a plant from one of the last primary forests on the planet - Artemisia Capillaris.

Due to its high polyphenol content Raykami is able to inhibit redox cascades induced by radiation. It also reduces inflammation induced in the dermis and the epidermis as well as cellular damage caused by free radicals.

Finally, Raykami protects the dermis and epidermis from proteic carbonylation processes induced by exposure to UV or HEV Light, preventing collagen fibres from becoming rigid and carbonylation of keratins.

In addition to its protective effect against protein carbonylation, Raykami reactivates synthesis of collagen I in the dermis to improve the flexibility of the layer supporting the skin and therefore to preserve its youthfulness.

  • 100% protection against protein carbonylation
  • Reduces inflammation by up to 31%
  • Prevents premature ageing of the skin and formation of Blue Light Burns Cells: 73% protection
  • Reduces pigmentation disorders by up to 24%.

Actibiome | To take care of skin microbiota

The microbiota consists of the microorganisms that live on the surface of our skin. It is involved in homeostasis and protecting our epidermis. Our sometimes stressful lifestyle affects our microbiota, causing an imbalance which manifests in an increase in diffuse redness.

Because of its various components providing a variety of nutrients to support the biodiversity and homeostasis of the skin microbiota (sugars, peptides, exopolysaccharides and minerals), Actibiome strengthens and re-balances the biodiversity of cutaneous flora to eliminate redness and blemishes.

After 1 week the skin is more uniform, more beautiful and in better health.

  • Rebalances 65% of the bacterial genera strongly affected by a period of stress
  • Improves uniformity of complexion and skin beauty.

Capiguard | A polar seaweed to protect and repair the hair from external stress

The cuticle is the hair’s first line of defence against pollution, as well as mechanical and chemical stress. It is therefore critical to keep it intact so as not to damage the quality of the hair.

Every day, the hair is exposed to external attack such as pollution particles, free radicals or chemical molecules that stick to its surface then penetrate the fibre. Penetration of these stressors into the fibre damage the hair, making it easy to break.

Capiguard consists of a depolymerised marine carrageenan using a unique, green and patented process that can depolymerise molecules without using solvents or enzymes and that does not create any waste.

By using this technology, CODIF has developed an active ingredient made up of a polysaccharide, which acts at the surface of the hair cuticle to protect and repair it.

When Capiguard is used to clean the hair it repairs and smooths the cuticle. The cuticle of hair that has been damaged is repaired and hairdressing is made easier.

  • Protection against carbonylation induced by UVA and pollution: +19%
  • Protective effect against pollution by up to +78%
  • Remove up to 95% of pollution particles when Capiguard is added into the shampoo.