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Davisage’s mission is to inspire people with specialised knowledge and excellence, empowering them to look and live younger at every age


Davisage believes in using proven technology and scientific techniques to help people enjoy a natural and perpetual facelift. Our revolutionary anti-aging products were developed using Japanese technologies and specially formulated serums from France.

Our products

DVS Face X’cercise

We spent 8 years perfecting our DVS Face X’cercise program and our DVS Wrinkle Smoothers, with expert consultation from doctors, anatomical specialists, established professionals from both Western and Chinese medicine, dermatologists and qualified beauty specialists.

Davisage Face X’cercise is a set of tried and tested exercises specifically designed for exercising facial and neck muscles. Just as you might swim or jog or work out in the gym to keep your body healthy and toned, DVS Face X’cercise provides the best natural, non-invasive knowledge to help you retain your youthful appearance.

The DVS Visager is our proprietary branded Face X’cercise tool to maximise the many benefits of our program and DVS massage.

Davisage Face X’cercise & Massage Program is designed for people to easily follow, focusing on seven areas of the face:

  1. Forehead and scalp
  2. Eyes
  3. Nose
  4. Cheeks
  5. Mouth
  6. Jaw
  7. Neck.

DVS Face X’cercise & Massage videos are stylish and informative, and conveniently displayed with an LCD screen within the DVS Visager package.

By following DVS acupressure and lymphatic drainage Massage program, the user is empowered with specialised knowledge to clear blockages, to open up meridian channels for good energy flow. The videos explain how to use the Visager tool to massage specific acupoints and lymph nodes, and the soothing benefits that enables natural detoxification and healing.

DVS Visager is our proprietary branded Face X’cercise tool to maximise the many benefits of doing DVS Face X’cercise & Massage Program.

Germanium (GE) infused top quality silicon pads provides the desired resistance during Face X’cercise. The titanium coated micro-current roller acts as a healing stone during DVS Massage.

Our Luxury Peptide Serums are specially formulated to boost collagen regeneration, and enhance the firming, hydrating effects of the Face X’cercise & Massage programs. When used with the Visager, the titanium roller ball resonates with the copper peptide complex perfectly to deepen the penetration of the serums, to further enhance beneficial effects.

DVS Handie Bottle

A stylish bottle with dual tubes – hand sanitiser in one side and Luxury Orchid Hand Cream in the other. It includes a smart compartment for small precious items and a handy mirror, making this bottle 4-in-1 in function.

Davisage Wrinkle Smoothers

DVS Wrinkle Smoothers is an effective anti-wrinkle treatment that addresses the physical element of deep lines and fine wrinkles. It works by smoothing out the skin while holding it in place, and relaxing the underlying muscles back to their original unwrinkled contour.

Additionally, the tape patches will press our award winning Intense Chrysanthus DermCom Serum deep into skin to intensify anti-wrinkle properties. Your wrinkles will quickly and noticeably smooth out.

Benefits of DVS Wrinkle Smoothers

  • Transparent
  • Not easily noticeable when applied
  • Highly effective, instant results
  • Gentle on skin, non-invasive
  • Dermatoloigically tested, hypo-allergenic
  • Sterilised
  • Latex free.

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