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Eurofragance is an international, family-owned company dedicated to the design and production of fragrances for perfumery, personal and home care products.



Eurofragance, a Spanish company devoted to creating fragrances, has been able to capture these sensations from almost anywhere in the world since its foundation in 1990.

  • A mission: "Design the best fragrances in partnership with our clients making their products those preferred by the consumers.."
  • A vision: "Help to create sensory experiences that help to promote wellbeing and happiness around the world".
  • Our Essence: People, Passion and Creativity are the foundations that support these values.


With our Head Quarters based in Barcelona, and our manufacturing facilities situated in three continents we have been delivering world fragrances for more than 26 Years. Supporting this, our network of Creative Centers, Sales offices and Strategic Partners spans over 65 countries in 5 continents.

We combine passion, professionalism and wide experience to successfully provide an excellent service to our customers in a rapidly changing world. This has helped to enhance our presence to become a fast-growing leader in Europe, Asia and America. 

Experts in Arabic Fragrances, for more than 25 years we have been creating, developing and catering best-selling fragrances to Middle East consumers. Our deep and thorough knowledge of traditional Arabic perfumery as well as the classic raw materials (rose, oudh, saffron…) allow us to create oriental fragrances as nobody else does it. Merged with the latest trends in modern perfumery, we can provide a wide range of fragrances to fit every consumer need.


In the Fine Fragrance, Personal Care and Home Care application areas, our global network of perfumers, evaluators, marketing and technical experts, with strong regional expertise, develop scents that are able to create meaningful fragrance experiences for the consumer.

Our team's talent, creativity and market understanding are behind every success.  Each product is the result of a chain of events, a new approach in the art of perfumery and an audacious interpretation of the world of emotions.

The role of scents in successful products is vital, supporting and enhancing the final user experience, adding a dose of pleasure and fantasy.  Authentic and very creative fragrances for perfumery, personal care, household and air freshners will give a touch of distinction to your products.  Company Certify Iso 14001 assures our commitment to the environment and sustainability in all our activities.