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Founded in 1992, HCT Group began as a small London based company that is now the global leader in cutting edge innovation, design and beauty manufacturing. Specializing in custom plastic, metal and paper board packaging HCT Group has expanded their offering to include a comprehensive range of beauty formulations, brushes, airless and metal components, POS displays and pristine designs. As a full service turnkey company HCT Group accurately manages the course of development from concept to creation in collaboration with major mass, prestige and specialty companies from around the world.


HCT | Packaging

HCT Group’s Packaging division specialises in the design and manufacture of custom plastic, metal and paperboard packaging. HCT Packaging offers one of the world’s most extensive selections of stock and custom packaging options. Clients have the ability to choose from comprehensive stock ranges, individual stock items or completely custom designs. With a portfolio that expands year on year, the possibilities with HCT are infinite.

HCT | Beauty

HCT Group’s Beauty division uses a strong R&D team to tap into the latest cutting-edge technologies and global cultural influences. In collaboration with the best labs in Asia, Europe and North America, HCT Beauty delivers high quality formulations that surpass industry standards. With HCT Beauty clients are guided through every step of the development process.

HCT | Brushes

HCT Group’s Brush division fuses conscientious manufacturing and creative design to create premium quality brushes. With HCT Brushes, clients will receive the option to choose from a wide variety of innovative materials, customisable finishes and decorative options.

HCT | Metals

HCT Group’s Metals division specialises in injection moulded ZAMAC and is known for their constant delivery of superior quality products. HCT Metals manufactures in two HCT owned facilities and are the only suppliers of its globally patented Cooling Tip Technology ZAMAC and Ceramic applicators. The cool tip applicators provide companies with an innovative way to apply cosmetic and skincare products, and are used by top beauty brands worldwide.

HCT | Airless

HCT Group’s Airless division provides innovative packaging options for both skincare and colour cosmetic clients. Formulas are kept protected and pure through airtight components, including an extensive collection of airless pumps, bottles, airtight compacts, airless jars and airless pump tubes.


HCT Group’s POS division provides clients the opportunity to turn browsers into buyers through POS and POP displays, shop fitting, merchandising and store fixtures. HCT’s displays and fixtures are engineered with purpose, meant to meet the demands of the ever-evolving retail environment. HCT POS handles the entire process from design to fulfilllment, always keeping brand identity top of mind.

Patented Technology

  • Globally patented Cooling Tip Technology ZAMAC and Ceramic Applicators
  • Gel Tips, patent pending