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Ichimaru Pharcos located in Japan is a global leader in Research and Development of providing over 1000 natural active ingredients for the cosmetic and food industry.


Founded in 1959, Ichimaru Pharcos is a global leader in Research and Development of natural active ingredients for the cosmetic industry. Located in Gifu prefecture, Japan, Ichimaru Pharcos gained reputation and trust from world leading cosmetic brands to small scale cosmetic manufactures with its efficient support and service. We became the top R&D Company with our innovative research and technology leading to high quality of products to ever increasing demand in the cosmetic market.

Ichimaru Pharcos develops new ingredients for cosmetics and health foods and also creates new trends. We set high standards and goals regarding sustainability, functionality, safety, and productivity and work hard to search for and develop new materials.

Ichimaru Pharcos provides over 1,000 ingredients for cosmetics and food industry made from natural resources.



CinderellaCrae is recommended for the cosmetic product formulators looking for the latest technology for improving their skin lightening or whitening product efficacy. We discovered an innovative science which identified the melanosome transporting protein called KINESIN having significant role in melanosome transfer process. This product can be considered as a new break through for skin whitening research and future product development.

NEEM Leaf Liquid B

NEEM Leaf Liquid B as a unique plant extract with strong total skin care effects in addition to the concept of sustainable cosmetic ingredient development.

Dermatological evaluation of indicated several efficacies such as strong anti inflammatory, skin lightening and wrinkle recovery effects. Following the discovery of high quality Neem in a village of South Indian state Andra Pradesh. Ichimaru Pharcos implemented an Access and Benefit sharing agreement with the village community in the process of commercialising this product.


SkinGuard is a combination of nine functional natural extracts to protect the skin from detrimental effects caused by environmental pollution. In a clinical investigation by monitor test, SkinGuard was shown to improve skin barrier function and decrease wrinkle formation. SkinGuard is an effective anti-ageing ingredient for all skincare products especially targeting environmental pollution.