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LipoTrue acts as a central R&D engine integrating cutting edge technology platforms in order to provide advanced active ingredients with proven and solid efficacies. Our technological approach to innovation is the backbone of our ingredient development processes, aimed at delivering sophisticated active ingredients to meet end consumer’s needs.


Munapys, #chooseyourexpression

Have you heard when you were little to “stop making faces” or you will be stuck with wrinkle lines? Fast-forward to your early thirties and you notice in the mirror that fine lines have appeared…

Munapsys is a botulinum toxin-like peptide obtained by in silico design in collaboration with experts in neuroscience.

It is the first cosmetic ingredient able to act both in the pre- and post-synaptic pathways of muscle contraction and in a new SNARE protein (Munc-18).

Munapsys was awarded with the Innovation Zone Best Ingredient Bronze Award 2018 at in- cosmetics North America. Read more

Proof of efficacy of SIRTALICE, A freezing blast from the deep sea

From the deep cold ocean Sirtalice emerges as a freezing blast for tired skin and busy lifestyles. Sirtalice recharges your skin energy and induces an instant V-lifting reshape in only 30 minutes with long-lasting efficacy. An on-the-go freezing blast to help you breathe out your true beauty. Read more.

NEW launches:


Inspired by the brightest constellation to shine before the dawn, Stellight brings a novel full action on melanogenesis. Stellight has a unique activity on melanocytes, keratinocytes and fibroblast, inhibiting their three-way communication. Stellight, enhances ITAº and luminosity values, providing a brightening and highlighter efficacy. Read more

ARCTALIS, Following the Northern Lights

Under the Northern Lights’ skies Arctalis has surfaced from 2,700 m from an Arctic expedition. Årctalis restores skin’s hydration and natural glow while also protecting skin from digital pollution (blue light). Take in the aurora and let your skin daydream following the Northern Lights. Read more.

VERSILLIN, Repositioning your skin

Versillin is a biomimetic peptide of Versican, aimed at repositioning your skin. Versillin anchors and fastens skin ligaments, repositioning these beauty columns to enhance skin firmness, reinforce skin viscoelasticity and ultimately to reposition your skin. Versillin can be use in cosmetics looking for a deep firming effect for a secret retouch scalpel-free. To learn more watch on demand Versillin’s webinar.

Inspiring active ingredients

NEOCLAIR PRO, Come to the clear side

Inspired by the powerful cosmetic benefits of green tea, Neøclair Pro is a primary antioxidant peptide which acts as an antioxidant amplifier via NRF2/ARES pathway. Neøclair Pro offers a 360º pollution protection and repair visibly improving dark spots, brightening, ageing and inflammaging signs. Read more.

SEADERMIUM, Nourishing premium filler

From the Reunion Island where fire redefines the island’s coastlines, Seadermium has erupted to visibly plump and smooth deep wrinkles in mature skin. Seadermium is addressed at golden age skin, restoring and strengthening dermoepidermal cohesion and integrity to help you to bring out your true best. Read more.

PAUSEILE, A retreat for your skin

Your skin needs a pampering retreat to recover hydration, and hence, its radiance and elasticity. Take a pause with Pauseîle in the turquoise waters of Mauritius Island and let you be seduced by its enchanting underwater waterfall. Read more.

ANARGY, Let your hair bloom

Hair plays a role in social relationships. Ageing, stress, and pollution alter normal hair growth cycle accelerating hair loss and slowing down new hair growth. Anargy contains proteins that are able to nourish, protect and detoxify hair root helping to reactivate hair growth cycle for a redensifying and strengthening of hair locks. Read more.



Wild Plants as biofactories, for the biotechnological production of highly active synthetic proteins in whole non-GM plants.

In silico and biomimetic design of new revolutionary targeted short-chain peptides with outstanding efficacies. Discovery of novel peptides through biomimetic design, inspired by nature’s masterpieces, mimicking life’s genius patterns.

Marine bio-research, in collaboration with research institutes, we have proprietary collections of microorganisms for an unlimited source of new active ingredients. Unique species from the ocean’s depths and sea breeze, to the marine cnidarians and onshore halophyte plants.

Big Data Analytics, providing the best OMICS expertise to characterise active ingredients. Analysed, shaped and guided to cleverly transform it into Smart Data.

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Sirtalice; Seadermium; Pauseile; Scelleye; Epitensive; Pureoxin.