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London Lash supplies professional eyelash extension products to aestheticians all around the world. With over 10 years experience, London Lash are the industry leaders, well-known for providing the best quality products and education to support lash stylists


London Lash founder Hanna Putjato grew up in Minsk, Belarus, the daughter of scientists, and began a career in banking.

Always wanting a challenge, Hanna moved to Bolton, Greater Manchester UK, where she took up a job in a pie factory.

Hanna didn’t know any English at the time, and admits she felt lonely and miserable as a result. In order to broaden her English speaking skills, Hanna enrolled at a local college to complete a beauty course.

This worked, and also saw her fall in love with eyelash extensions!

After working part time in a salon and building up a client base in the North of England, Hanna moved her work from Manchester down to London where she started from scratch, lashing from early morning until late at night to build a new client base.

Owing to her bubbly personality and tenacious nature, it didn’t take long before she had enough clients for herself and for a new member of staff.

During this time, Hanna had begun offering a treatment which was brand new on the UK market - Russian Volume lashes - and she soon had an influx of lash technicians asking her for courses on the technique, as no-one else in the UK was offering Volume lashes at the time!

After borrowing a small amount of money and purchasing her first batch of eyelash extension supplies, Hanna began teaching using her own manuals and kits. Her students would ask if they could re-purchase Hanna’s products so she began selling them on eBay.

Soon, she migrated her shop from eBay over to a proper website where she could sell courses and products all in one place.

Hanna took on another member of staff to help with the marketing and the merchandising, and London Lash (then known as Lady Lash) flourished!

Her salon grew, as did her office staff and she rebranded to London Lash in 2014, which has continued to grow into the world-renowned business it is today.

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