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Lumson is a leading company in Europe in development, production, decoration and distribution of primary packaging for the cosmetic, make-up, and pharmaceutical markets


In offering various packaging solutions and services, Lumson has become an essential partner for all companies in the production sector, from the food industry to pharmaceuticals.

Lumson is a full-fledged, major industrial reality, where primary packaging production has become a strategic activity of utmost importance for the company. The products range is made of plastic and glass bottles, glass jars, Airless systems, cosmetic pumps, dispensing systems, accessories, and packaging for make-up.

The company founded in 1975 by the current President Cav. Remo Moretti, and led today by Matteo Moretti, is at the head of a group operating on an international scale. Over the past forty years, Lumson Group has opened branches in a variety of major European markets (France, Germany, Great Britain, Spain, Poland), and also in the United States. Thanks to an integrated network of commercial agreements, the group has a strong business relationship with customers operating in Russia, the Middle East, Arab countries, Africa, and South America.

Thanks to the relentless commitment to innovation by Research and Development and to the quality and passion of its dedicated staff, Lumson Group promotes itself as both a reliable and avant-garde partner always open to innovation and technology.

The products offered include both standard and customised packaging solutions, developed according to specific needs of its customers. “Made in Italy” design, attention to quality, traditional and innovative decoration technologies, and orientation to new products and processes are the main characteristics of Lumson Group. All of Lumson’s products can be personalised with an ample selection of decorations. UV silk-screen printing, hot stamping, tampo-printing, and painting are all techniques which Lumson is also able to provide internally.

In the field of distribution systems, the innovative Airless system with “pouch” is available in a wide range of glass and plastic bottles and is now recognised worldwide as an important solution for customers interested in developing formulations made of natural products with limited use of preservatives.

Thanks to constant evolution of the core business as well as some strategic takeovers, Lumson has developed into a major force within the industry with the manufacturing of plastic packaging turning into a fundamental and strategical activity.

The wide offering and choice of packaging solutions and large range of services has earned Lumson crucial partnerships with companies from all markets, from food all the way through to the pharmaceutical industry.

Between its two manufacturing sites in Capergnanica (Cr) and in S.Maria di Sala (Ve) Lumson boasts 18,000 square meters of manufacturing, warehousing and distribution and an annual production capacity of up to 120 million plastic bottles.

The factory has a highly skilled team of 250 specialised staff, working over 3 shifts. As well as this investment in manpower, Lumson has state of the art machinery and equipment that can work with different technologies making the company an industrial power for packaging manufacturing.

More over: a team of designers comprised of specialised creates, develops, and proposes new ideas and concepts for custom and standard packaging solutions. Today, Lumson is the proud owner of a variety of worldwide patents for specific designs, technological innovations, and production processes used within the company. Every new product is subject to specific tests in order to analyse and verify performance, level of functionality, and dimensions before being considered ‘validated’ and given final approval.

The strict quality policy followed by Lumson is based on the ISO 2859-1 regulation which calls for statistical controls at the initiation of, during, and at the end of production. Lumson operates under a system of integrated logistics by means of checks during the entire chain of production. Every lot produced is uniquely identified and monitored until delivery to the customer, guaranteeing traceability from the finished product back to the raw materials.

Lumson looks to the regulations set out by GMP (Good Manufacturing Practices) for its own manufacturing processes. These standards are practiced throughout every phase of manufacturing and storage of the finished product in order to guarantee sanitation and absence of contaminants. Through the years, Lumson has followed and implemented a policy of quality and sustainability: Lumson Group has always been attentive to protection of the environment and has obtained the UNI EN ISO14001 Certification.

The group is also active in a larger cooperation of notable, locally-based companies of the same industry in an endeavour to support and collaborate together for global success.